Rolex Greige Dial Watch Ref.1024 Actual Watch Review

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Today, the vintage Rolex greige dial Ref. 1024 has returned from overhaul, so I will be reviewing it.

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Rolex Greige Dial Watch Ref.1024 Actual Watch Review

Rolex watch Ref.1024 dial

Getting back to the topic, the reason I purchased this Rolex was because I saw the overall balance of the watch and thought it was great.

There are many things I want to talk about, but I'll just talk about the overall appearance.

First of all, this model is made of stainless steel with gold plating.

Therefore, the back side is stainless steel silver.

Rolex watch Ref.1024 back

The good condition of the plating is worthy of praise, as it is rare to find a model from the 1970s with the plating still preserved this well.

And the gold plating applied on top of this stainless steel is beautiful.

It's not the dazzling shine of 18K, nor the subdued silver of stainless steel, so perhaps it would be more accurate to describe it as a subdued gold that's somewhere in between.

Both the 18K gold and the shine of stainless steel are beautiful, but the understated gold, which cannot be expressed with ordinary metal materials, accentuates the elegance.

It may be difficult to tell from the video or images, but compared to 18K gold, it has a more subdued impression.

And it is given an indescribable sunburst dial.

Rolex watch Ref. 1024 dial enlarged

I didn't know how to describe this color, so I asked my wife, "What color do you think it is?"

When I asked, I was told it was greige.

They said.

For us men, we don't even know that such a color exists, but apparently this is a greige color.

Of course, I only found this out after I purchased the watch, and I intuitively felt that the color was beautiful, so I bought it.

The color of this dial creates an indescribable shade whether it is exposed to light or not.

The color of the dial, which is neither black nor gray, gives it a unique look, and those who wear it will surely be seen as stylish by those around them.

There is no date inscription, only the Rolex crown mark at the 12 o'clock position, bar indexes for the rest of the time, and a center second hand with bar hands, giving it a clean impression.

There are categories of watches that are considered classic or classic, such as diver's watches or military-style watches, which are styles that any man will love, but there are also other areas that are offbeat.

%u30ED%u30EC%u30C3%u30AF%u30B9%u8155%u6642%u8A08%u3000Ref.1024%u306E%u30EA%u30E5%u30FC%u30BA I think this Rolex watch falls into that category.

It's a gold watch, but when you look at it with the dial, the overall look is calm and elegant.

Now let's look at size.

The case diameter of this watch is 34mm, which would be classified as a ladies' watch in modern terms.

Nowadays, even if it's not a military watch, 40mm case diameter is the default, so those who are used to that size may find it small, but I feel that smaller watches go better with words like "stylish" and "tasteful."

Rolex watch Ref. 1024 and jacket coordination

Even when paired with a regular jacket style, it will subtly make your hands look stylish, and as the weather gets hotter, it will also make you look neat when paired with a cool linen shirt, jeans, and sandals.

Rolex watch Ref. 1024 paired with a linen short-sleeved shirt

This is a watch that will enhance the dignity of anyone, whether they are a man or a woman, without making you think about who you want to wear it to.

This model has a unique atmosphere that is not found in any other brand, and even among Rolex, and has a sophisticated beauty that those who know will appreciate.