My hospitality to those who are just starting to experience vintage watches and those who have loved them for a long time.

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・Telephone number: 05036300857 (This is my phone number.)

Secondhand goods dealer license No. 901022210089 Fukuoka Prefectural Public Safety Commission

I believe that in order to convey accurate information reliably, the person in question must be the right person for the job.


It is a very good thing that anyone can now disseminate information, but on the other hand, there are many people who spread information that is unclear as to whether it is true or false.


To prove that I do not do that, I will display my secondhand goods dealer license showing my identity.

SENOO Commercial LLC Secondhand goods trading certificate

What is the most important thing about dealing in vintage watches?

I think that the skills needed to measure the ability of someone selling vintage watches are:

"How many products have you seen?"

I think that's what it means.

In fact, I have seen a lot of watches and have made over 1,000 transactions so far.

We have gained overwhelming knowledge, experience, and information that cannot be provided anywhere else.

There are many shops that can only be found by going to the location, so we make an effort to actually visit the stores and develop our own routes.

Photo taken at a vintage watch fair in the UK

Photo taken at a vintage watch fair in the UK
Purchasing in the UK - Taking a photo with the local store manager - Manager of a military watch specialty store

A word from the store manager

Hello, I'm Seno, manager of Vintage Watch Life.

Vintage Watch Life Dear Customers

I don't know how you found yourself here, but the fact that you're here means that you have some kind of interest in vintage watches.

First of all, I would like to tell you something.

"I'm grateful for this opportunity. Thank you."

Please continue to follow us until the end.

In this shop

・Vintage military watches ・Watches that were produced in small numbers ・Antique watches ・Stylish dress watches ・Excellent watches that are no longer in production ・Watches from unknown brands with excellent movements

We have a variety of works on display, including:

This is not a shop that sells run-of-the-mill products that you can find anywhere.

This shop is

・You won't find it anywhere else ・It's your own product, not a similar product

This is a shop that only carries such rare and valuable products.

Another characteristic of customers who shop at my shop is that many of them buy not because of the low price but because of the value of the product.

I think it's about not compromising on quality.

That's the vintage watch life, and we're sure you'll find what you're looking for in this shop.

Vintage watches are limited in number.

As you know, vintage watches are limited in number.

The reason for this is that they were made over 30 to 100 years ago, and very few remain today.

The second reason is that collectors who first realized their value are hesitant to put them on the market.

These are the reasons.

Given this background, the current situation is that it is unclear when the next vintage watch will appear.

When it comes to vintage watches, the rarer they are, the more expensive they tend to be.

That's a given, isn't it?

But surely the product you get in exchange is worth even more?

The watch you have been searching for will arrive at your home and from that day on will become your partner and walk with you for the rest of your life.

From the moment the product arrives in your hands, it will add color to your life, lift your spirits, and you can easily imagine how much more enjoyable your life will be after it arrives.

One thing a customer said to me has stuck in my mind ever since.

"If I think it's the one, I buy it without hesitation. If I want to travel, I'll go as far as I can. At my age, I've learned that regretting something I didn't do is deeper than regretting something I did."

The content is as follows.

After hearing this story, I began to tell other customers, "Instead of thinking about buying one someday, I want you to cherish the fact that you have come across a vintage watch right now."

The sophistication of vintage watches

You can look at a vintage watch for a long time without getting bored.
If you are a watch lover, you have probably already experienced something like this.

I also believe that anyone who is planning to come into contact with vintage watches for the first time will feel the same way.

Do you know why we never get tired of these vintage watches?

I think everyone has their own reasons, but the watch

"The sophistication that comes from the years that have passed."

I think this is the reason why you won't get bored even if you look at it for a long time.

Obviously, a new watch may look nice, but if it isn't well-used, it doesn't have the same sense of solidity.

Vintage watches are not pretty.

Actually, it looks a bit dull here.

There's a little scratch here.

There are some shortcomings, such as the above, but I believe that these are what make "vintage antiques" so appealing and enjoyable.

That is why vintage watches have an eternal charm that you will never get tired of, no matter how much you look at them.

There are no rules when it comes to collecting vintage watches

It was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime vintage watch, but...
If you miss this, you'll never get it again...

It's not the same line as the one I collect...

This is why some people put off buying something.

And after the product has been delivered to someone else (after it has sold out), these people realize that they should have purchased the product after all.

There are so many people who end up regretting it.

But uniformity has nothing to do with it.

For example, let's say you have a collection of military watches.

Among them, the Heuer Autavia looked very cool.

However, military clothing is not uniform, and choosing just one item with a different design is weird. I understand why you might feel that way.

The reason I've been collecting military items up until now is because I understand intellectually that military items are cool, and I collect them following my heart's desire.

And the fact that the racer models are starting to look cool to you means that you have acquired a new sensibility and your heart is ready to move on to the next collection.

Isn't that what it is?

So I don't think you need to worry about consistency.

Vintage watches have a certain profundity in their age

The appeal of vintage watches is that they retain their shape even after the passage of time.
I think the charm of antiquity comes from the fact that it has stood the test of time.

That's why it has a certain "flavor."

Because they are antique items, there may be some scratches, chips, or even cracks.

But still, if it still has the shape of a watch, you'll want to take good care of it.

In particular, it is impossible to make the same mechanical chronograph movement today even if you wanted to do so.

I took good care of what I had and stored it as well as I could.

I would be happy if the product went to someone who would take good care of it, and I believe that there are many people like that who like vintage watches.

I think everyone has a different level of tolerance, but if you collect antique items while recognizing that they are not always in perfect condition, you will be able to find their appeal in their age again.

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