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      The Appeal of Jaeger-LeCoultre's Military Watches

      Jaeger LeCoultre 1940s Military Watch

      Military watches have fascinated vintage fans for many years.

      Its appeal lies in its deep connection with combat and the historical background in which it was trusted as military equipment for use on the battlefield.
      During World War II, twelve companies supplied watches to the British military.
      Many of the watches produced by these 12 companies are marked with a mark known as the Broad Arrow.
      These watches are often referred to as the Dirty Dozen, and the letters "WWW" engraved on them stand for Watch, Wrist, and Waterproof.
      This watch created by Jaeger-LeCoultre is a true "practical watch" made for combat.
      This is a rare product and does not come on the market as often as other manufacturers' products.
      The case is especially robust and made to withstand any weather or environment.
      The black dial minimizes sunlight exposure, while the use of luminous material on the bold indexes and thick hands maximizes readability.
      The movement's precision is also outstanding, meeting the standards set by the British military at the time in order to protect not only the lives of individual soldiers but the entire military.
      Enjoy these exceptionally beautiful and unusual masterpieces, which combined the functionality required at the time, from a new perspective today.

      Jaeger LeCoultre Military Watch

      Jaeger LeCoultre Military Watch

      Jaeger LeCoultre Military Watch Movement

      Jaeger LeCoultre Military Watch Side

      Jaeger LeCoultre Military Watch Diagonal

      Jaeger LeCoultre Military Watch, Exterior Case Back

      Jaeger LeCoultre Military Watch, Inside Back Cover