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Now, Cartier's new products have been unveiled at Watches Wonder 2024, so we would like to introduce them to you.

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So let's get started right away.

Santos de Cartier

Three new variations have been added this time.

These are not limited edition models, but can be purchased if you pay the money, so there is no need to rush to buy them.

First up, the new lineup will feature a brown dial.

Santos de Cartier Brown Dial Model

Currently, the standard models are blue and green, and now brown has been added.

The brown dial is a satin-finished gradient brown and has already been added to Cartier's official website.

The price is ¥1,069,200 including tax for the 35mm MM size, and ¥1,069,200 including tax for the 40mm LM size.

The price is 1,174,800 , the same as the existing blue and green dial versions.

The second is a sunray grey dial and YG model.

Santos de Cartier Sunray Gray Dial and YG

The material is stainless steel with a yellow gold bezel, and it has a leather strap rather than a bracelet.

The price is 1,768,800 yen and it is waterproof to 10 atmospheres.

Only the LM size has been announced, so it is likely that the MM size will not be released.

It is scheduled for release in April, but as of today this model has not yet been listed on the official website.

And then the third one was born, something amazing, or should I say cool.

Santos de Cartier Dual Time

This is the Santos de Cartier Dual Time.

On this model, the dual time indication is displayed on the small second hand at the 6 o'clock position.

What is dual time anyway?

This is a feature aimed at people who travel between two countries, allowing you to check the local time from the watch face and the time in the other country from the dual time setting.

In this Santos, the dual time at the 12 o'clock position is in 12-hour format.

To look at it, the dual time hand is at the 6 o'clock position in the photograph, and the long hand (minute hand) is at the 10 minute mark, so for example, if the time in Hong Kong is 10:10, you can tell that it is 6:10 in Japan.

The regular Santos is cool, but this Dual Time is also very cool.

For us men, there is a sense of unity as one of our standards for what is cool, and we can say that this is a great design, with the grey stainless steel, grey dial, and rugged style, all elements that make you want to wear it on your wrist.

As for the price, it will be 1,399,200 yen and the release date is in September.


New for 2024 Santos Dumont

Next is Santos-Dumont.

Santos-Dumont has also launched four new models.

The Santos de Cartier mentioned earlier is classified as a sports watch, while this Dumont is classified as a dress watch.

If you find the Santos too big, or prefer a more flashy dress watch, the Dumont is the better choice.

The new models include two limited editions and two standard models.

Let's start by looking at the standard model.

2024 New Santos-Dumont Blue Peacock

The first model features an 18K pink gold case and a blue sunburst dial.

The dial color has been officially announced as Blue Peacock.

The color is wonderful.

Combining pink gold with this blue is the perfect touch.

It is clear that Cartier's design excels other brands.

If you look at the bezel and case, you'll see that this style is currently available in black, but the bezel and case have blue lacquer inside.

The addition of lacquer here makes it possible to bring out the colors more clearly, something that cannot be expressed with the dial alone.

Now let's look at the second one.

2024 New Santos Dumont Taupe Grey

This is also a standard model and can be purchased if you pay the money.

The dial color has been officially announced as taupe gray, and the case is made of 18K yellow gold.

At first glance, these two models look no different from the Dumont currently on sale, but the indexes have actually changed.

The existing models use Roman indexes, but the new ones have an indescribable font that is somewhere between Arabic and Breguet indexes.

You can really feel Cartier's sense of fashion here too.

Both will be released in September for 2,362,800 yen (tax included).

From here on, we will explain the limited edition models.

First up is the all-green Dumont, whose officially announced color is olive green.

2024 New Santos Dumont Olive Green

This model is limited to 200 pieces.

The case is made of platinum.

The way to tell it's platinum is by the color of the crown.

Generally, they are set with blue gemstones, but platinum models are often fitted with red rubies.

This tells us that the case is made of platinum.

The price is 3,326,400 yen.

What do you think? I'm not sure, but to us Japanese, being all green seems quite bold, but it is Cartier after all, so it's easy to imagine that it would be incredibly beautiful to see in person.

The final introduction from Dumont is the Santos-Dumont Rewind.

2024 New Santos-Dumont Rewind

It's a watch with a red dial, a type of red dial that seems common in the wristwatch industry, but is actually quite rare.

The dial is made of a natural stone called carnelian.

As explained earlier, the crown is red, so the case is made of platinum.

So far we have introduced three new Dumont models, but this Carnelian model is very different from the previous ones.

First, take a look at the needle.

Previously it had regular sword hands, but this one has Breguet hands.

The indexes used are Roman indexes, and the silver Roman indexes that stand out against the red dial are very beautiful.

However, if you look closely, you will see that the index is different from usual.

The reason is that the index is arranged upside down.

The watch starts at 12 o'clock and the numbers move backwards, like 11, 10, 9, etc.

Since the dial is upside down, the movement also runs counterclockwise.

The movement is a reverse-rotating hand-wound 230MC.

So how do you read this? The current time is 10 o'clock because the short hand is between 11 and 10 o'clock, and the long hand is between 1 and 2 on the index (actually between 5 and 10), a little before 2, so it is 8 minutes and is read as 10:08.

Well, even I, the one explaining it, find it really hard to read, but in this day and age, watches are more of a fashion item than a way to check the time, so maybe you don't need to worry about visibility.

That said, it still feels a bit strange to have it turned upside down like that.

This model is originally recognised worldwide as the first men's wristwatch.

The reason is that, although wristwatches up until then were called wristwatches, they were simply round pocket watches with a wire attached so that they could be worn on the wrist.

Later, a pilot named Alberto Santos-Dumont asked Louis Cartier, the third generation president of Cartier at the time, to create a watch that would allow him to check the time while holding the control stick. This led to the creation of the Santos-Dumont, the world's first watch with lugs.

The Santos-Dumont was the first watch with lugs, which is why it is said to be the world's first men's wristwatch.

Let's enjoy our watches as if we had traveled back in time to the era when Alberto Santos-Dumont and Louis Cartier were alive.

That seems to be the idea behind this watch.

This model is also limited to 200 units worldwide and will be released in June for 5,834,400 yen.

For more information on the history of Santos, please watch this video:

Privé Collection

I think it would be fine to think of it as a high-end model or a high-end model among Cartier's products.

From 1998 to 2008 it was called CPCP, or Collection Privée Cartier Paris, but from 2009 it was renamed Privée Collection.

For more information on the differences between CPCP and the Prive Collection, please see this video:

The watches made in the Privé collection are not just reproductions of old models, but are also modern reinterpretations of those models.

Last year the Tank Normal was released, and similarly this is a collection in which older models are released in limited quantities every year.

This time, the Tortue has been reissued in five models.

Among CPCP products, Tortue has been reissued before, but that was around the mid-2000s, so this marks its first revival in about 20 years.

First up is the 18K yellow gold model.

New for 2024, Privé Collection, Tortue 18K Model

Tortue is French for turtle shell, and if you look at the case, it actually looks like a turtle shell.

It was first created in 1912 and is the third model in Cartier's collection.

By the way, the first one is Santos-Dumont, the second is Tonneau, and the third is Tortue.

Given the shape of the watch, it may be hard to imagine what it will actually look like on your wrist, but I have handled other Tortue watches and I think it's a pretty good style.

The watches are designed by the jeweler Cartier, so they are all designed to shine beautifully when worn in the hand.

It is equipped with the 430MC hand-wound movement, which I mentioned earlier in the Santos-Dumont section.

The case diameter is 33mm, so this size is likely to fit perfectly for those with small wrists.

Cartier is also good at developing this area.

There are probably no other brands that offer a new 33mm watch, but the fact that Cartier offers this size shows that they are not abandoning small watches, which is a good impression.

Only 200 units will be produced worldwide, priced at 4,699,200 yen, and will go on sale in September.

Next, we'll introduce the platinum model, Tortue.

Tortue and Tortue diamond models from the 2024 Privé collection

A red ruby ​​is used for the crown.

The previous Tortue was a classic model, and this latest one can be said to be a modern take on the model.

This time the indexes are silver and rhodium-plated to match the case.

Until now, even if the case was silver, the indexes of Tortue watches have always been black, but this time the colors are consistent, so even though it is a Tortue watch, it gives off a very different impression.

What do you think? The classic Tortue is nice, but this new Tortue is also sophisticated and beautiful.

It's too expensive for me to buy, lol

This model will also be limited to 200 units worldwide, priced at 5,412,000 yen, and will be released in September.

The platinum model also has a model with diamonds on the bezel, and although it is a diamond model, it is probably for men.

This will be limited to 50 units worldwide, priced at 8,976,000 yen, and will be released in September.

And so the Tortue chronograph was born.

Monopoussoir Chronograph 18K Yellow Gold Model from the 2024 Privé Collection

The Tortue chronograph will be renamed "Monopsoir."

This model is also available in 18K yellow gold and platinum.

The Monopoussoir has been reproduced in the past, but during the CPCP era it used a Jaeger-LeCoultre-based caliber.

Looking back at history, the company has always had a close relationship with Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Jaeger-LeCoultre's technical capabilities were also outstanding in the field of chronographs.

However, this reissue model uses the in-house hand-wound Cal. 1928MC, which shows that Cartier's manufacture capabilities have grown considerably.

This model has a skeletonized back, so let's take a look at the movement.

Cartier Cal. 1928MC

This is the Cal. 1928MC installed in the Monopoussoir, and it's great to be able to see these mechanical parts lined up together.

All parts are carefully chamfered and feature the Côtes d'Et Genève decoration, so it's clear that it has been made with great care.

The most notable feature is the use of a column wheel.

This is a bit of a geeky topic, but there are two methods for operating a chronograph: one is the column wheel type and the other is the cam type.

The column wheel is the part with the six pillars shown here, and up until the chronographs of the 1960s, the column wheel was used to operate the watch.

However, because this column wheel had to be cut by hand, as labor costs began to rise in the 1970s, the cam type, which could be made by pressing, became mainstream.

Both types of chronographs function normally, but the column wheel type requires more manual effort and offers a better feel when you press the button, so it was installed in higher-end models.

Also, more than anything, by making it a skeleton model like this, you can see the column wheel parts, which I think makes the most of its strengths.

Monopousoir Chronograph Platinum Model from the 2024 Privé Collection

The 18K gold model is limited to 200 pieces worldwide and costs 7,788,000 yen.

The platinum model is limited to 200 pieces worldwide, priced at 8,976,000 yen

Both will be released in October.

For more information about Tortue, please watch this video, which explains it in detail.

So, today we talked about the Cartier watches that were announced at Watches Wonder.

If it's a new product in the lineup, you can purchase it by paying the money, but if you're interested in limited edition models of 200 pieces, please inquire at the boutique.

In fact, since there are only 200 units available in the world, they've probably already sold out, but after seriously considering how we could get our hands on one, we decided that the most realistic option would be to buy one when it becomes available on the second-hand market in about two years' time.

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