How different is the current Santos de Cartier from the Santos Galbe?

This is Seno from Vintage Watch Life.

In this article, we will look at how different the current Santos de Cartier is from the Santos Galbe.

I would like to explain what this means.

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Both are great watches, but if you like vintage watches, the Santos Galbe is definitely a good choice!

I think you will think the same way, so please stay with me until the end.

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What is the difference between Galbe and Santos de Cartier?

First, let's look at the major differences between the Santos Galbe and the Santos de Cartier.

Cartier watches: Differences in size between Santos Galbe and Santos de Cartier

This is a comparison of the same LM size, with the Santos Galbee (created in 1987) on the left and the current model, Santos de Cartier, on the right.

The obvious difference is the size.

The Santos Galbee has a case diameter of 29mm, while the current Santos is approximately 40mm, so there is a difference of 1cm.

This difference makes a big difference in the impression you get when you hold it in your hand.

Now let's take a look at the design.

Differences in design between Santos Galbe and Santos de Cartier

The Santos Galbe has a square bezel, but the current Santos has a bezel that is curved toward the strap.

This marks a major shift in Cartier's design direction, as the boundary between the bracelet and the case has been minimized to the point where it is no longer visible.

This integrated bracelet design, which began with the Santos and continues to be the case with the current Francaise, gives the watch a stronger sense of unity compared to previous models.

Now let's look at the bracelet.

Differences between the Santos Galbe and the current Santos bracelet

Differences between the clasp of the Cartier Santos Galbee and the current Santos

The one on the left is the Santos Galve, and the one on the right is the current Santos, but the Santos Galve has a one-way clasp, while the current Santos has a two-way clasp.

And look at the shape of the belt.

Differences between the Cartier Santos Galbee and the current Santos bracelet

The Santos Galve strap is designed to taper gradually towards the clasp, whereas the current Santos extends from the lugs to the clasp at the same width.

This depends on whether it was made during the Ragspo era or not.

The Galbe, made in the 1970s, was designed to taper towards the clasp to give it a luxurious feel, giving it a sporty yet dressy impression.

On the other hand, the current Santos is designed to meet modern needs, so the bracelet is also thick to give it a big, rugged impression.

The impression I get from Galve is that the size and strap are focused on luxury elements, while the current model is designed with an emphasis on ruggedness and hold.

By the way, Santos Galbe also began to use bracelets of the same width, including the clasp, from around the late 1980s.

With that in mind, I will now provide a review of the actual device.

Santos Galve and other models hands-on review

This time we will be comparing the Santos Galbe with the current MM and LM sizes.

We then prepared the MM and LM sizes of the Santos 100, the model that preceded the current model, and compared them.

By the way, the one in the photo is not the Godron type, but it is the same LM size Santos Galbe.

Impressions of wearing the Santos series on the wrist: The current Santos de Cartier MM and LM sizes

Something like this.

The photo was taken by me, and my wrist circumference is around 17cm.

First, let's compare it with the current model.

After wearing the Santos Galbe, I also tried on the current Santos MM size, but it still felt too big.

That said, it's a standard size for a modern watch, so it doesn't feel strange at all.

After that I tried on the LM size, which is 1cm different from the Galbe size, so it felt like I was wearing a Rolex Submariner or a model around 40mm.

So, if you wear a large watch like a Rolex and are considering a watch from another brand, such as Cartier, you will probably be unsatisfied unless it is in the LM size.

Impressions of the Santos series on the wrist: The current Santos 100 MM and LM sizes

Now comparing it to the Santos 100, the Santos 100 feels similarly large, but the MM is 33mm so it doesn't feel as big.

One thing they have in common is that the 100 is thicker in relation to its case diameter, so it feels larger.

In terms of actual size, the current models are larger in both the MM and LM models, but the 100 makes a larger impression due to its height.

For more information about the Santos 100, please watch this video if you are interested.

Next, the belt.

Compare a strap that tapers towards the galve clasp with one that maintains the same width from the lugs.

My impression is that thinner belts seem to allow more movement.

Both watches are bracelet types, so they are not fixed in place, but the type with a tapered bracelet has a wider range of motion, while the type with a thick bracelet fits snugly around the arm and has a stronger grip.

As Galbe is known as a luxury brand, it places a strong emphasis on luxury and the watches are not large, giving off an elegant impression.

On the other hand, as I mentioned before, from the Santos 100 to the current Santos, the size of the watch is masculine! I think that's the appropriate way to describe it.


After comparing these Santos series, I came to the conclusion that it all comes down to personal preference and style.

If you like large watches, wearing one will lift your spirits, and most importantly, your days spent wearing it will be wonderful.

However, not everyone likes large watches, and many people want to wear the watch that fits best relative to their wrist size.

I think that models such as the Galve or Santos 100 would be a good fit for such people.