Hermès vintage watches and chronograph styles to bring out your style

Attracted by Hermes vintage men's watches

Recently, stylish and fashionable women have started to wear large case watches.

I often see them doing this.

In fact, a large case naturally stands out on a slim wrist.

In particular, the watch was chosen from a nice variety of colors.

The combination with the reminiscent leather strap is particularly eye-catching.

High-quality red or black belts look really stylish and cool.

Come to think of it, the Chanel J12 model and the Cartier Pasha model

The ladies' cases are larger.

Chanel J12

・CHANEL: Model J12

Case diameter: 35 mm
・Belt ceramic
・Bezel: Diamond after
Movement: Quartz

The case is quite large for a ladies' watch.
However, the downside to this type of watch is that you can't change the strap.
Therefore, it would be a good idea to change the bezel to diamonds and make it more luxurious.

Actually, until recently, I was strongly attracted to luxury brand jewellery watches,

I was completely taken aback by the combination of the large case and leather strap.

I had a change of heart.

And speaking of watches with high-quality leather and unique colored straps,

Hermès is a brand that women aspire to.

Naturally, I started looking for watches with large cases.

And the watch I got is the one I'm going to introduce this time.

Hermès vintage men's watch.

Hermes Vintage Chronograph

Hermes Vintage Chronograph
・Hermes Model: Military Chronograph

Movement: Mechanical (hand-wound)
Number of jewels: 17
Case diameter: 37.5 mm
Lug width: 20mm

You may be a little surprised to hear that it's a men's watch, but it's also a chronograph.

However, the case diameter differs by only 2mm compared to the Chanel ladies' watch.

From here, let's take a closer look, including an explanation of the watch.

Hermès Vintage Military Chronograph

Regarding chronographs, if you are a man, you may be interested in watches with many of these functions.

I have been fascinated by and interested in watches since I was a child, and many of you may already know about them.

But I think a lot of women don't know about this.

Simply put, a chronograph is a watch with a stopwatch function.

In addition to the time display function, the two buttons on the side of the case allow you to start, stop, restart and reset the watch.

This is a watch that has a mechanism that can do this.

The crown on the side of the case is used to wind the mainspring and set the date and time.

The two buttons at the top and bottom had that function.

So, if you see such a button on a watch case, it is a chronograph.

Chronograph comes from the Greek word for "to record time."

When I learned that "chronograph" had this meaning, I was quite intrigued.

What kind of time has a vintage watch made 50 years ago recorded?

Yes, just imagining it makes you feel excited, doesn't it?

The image that men have of a multi-function watch may be a little different from the image that women have of it.

Hermes Vintage Chronograph

There are three main types of chronographs.

・Split-second chronograph

・Flyback chronograph

・Countdown timer

For more details, please see the "Chronograph" website here.

Hermès vintage watch movements

Hermes vintage watch movement
As expected, the movement of the chronograph is also amazing.

The Hermès lettering is also clearly printed on the parts.

I never imagined keeping time with a clockwork mechanism.

Mechanical watches use batteries and have a limited lifespan compared to quartz watches.

The advantage is that if you take good care of it, you can use it for a long time.

Therefore, mechanical or automatic watches are timeless items.

It's good to choose.

And by replacing the belt with an original one, you can enjoy fashion.

Is it not?

Change to Hermès leather belt

It has long been used by watch collectors without any advertising.

Luxury watch straps are from Hermes.

Hermes' leather types and color variations with high-quality textures are genuine.

Generally, Hermes' main leather is made from male calf skin, which is naturally embossed.

Most of the materials are processed and embossed, but there are also other materials such as goat, buffalo, and ostrich.

And then there is crocodile leather, which is said to be the finest quality.

In addition, embossing processes and types are available for each material.

*We also have calf fur (pony fur and velvet) and lizard fur materials.

And as far as I know, there are 205 colors available.

Now, can this vintage Hermes watch strap be purchased from Hermes?

Nowadays you can buy second-hand items at online auctions.

Hermes Belt

Hermes Belt

- The watch strap is engraved with "P" and was manufactured in 2012.
The clasp does not appear to be Hermes.

I was attracted to the chronograph design and Hermes, so I bought this black

I am using a leather strap and plan to change it to a white rubber strap in the summer.

Rubber straps have also become popular in recent years, being sold by famous luxury brands.

* Existing Hermès watch straps can also be used.

Some discontinued items may not be standard but may fit the size.

The size of the case, the brand power of the watch itself, and the functionality are all great.

I think you can enjoy it with the original belt,

If you also want a Hermes belt,

Currently, Hermes is selling a watch in collaboration with the Apple Watch.

There are many on sale, and the H watch released in 1981 is an interchangeable strap.

Some watches even come with a wrap feature, which makes it easy to change the strap at home.

So, of course, it's possible to get it.

For more details, please see "Hermès watch straps".

Follow me, please.

The vintage Hermès watches we introduced this time are

In fact, it's a very popular item among collectors.

This is a popular item among men, so if you find a watch in this condition,

I was really lucky to have met him.

The price was about the same as the current model H Watch,

Since it's mechanical, it's a good deal in the long run.

I hope to continue using it for a long time and introducing various styles in the future.

Don't miss the updates.

I hope you will use this article as a reference when choosing a watch.

Get playful with Hermès vintage men's watches

Enjoy a stylish lifestyle.