About watch repair

About Vintage Watch Life's After-Sales Support

At Vintage Watch Life, we guarantee after-sales service to all customers who purchase a watch.

We offer a warranty for a period that varies depending on the product, and we will repair the product free of charge within that period.

Also, since it is a watch, it is bound to break down over the course of three, five, or ten years of continuous use.

In times like these, you don't know where to turn for repairs...

Most people are probably like that.

In order to alleviate such concerns, we provide thorough after-sales service for watches purchased from our company.

(Repair requests are possible, but priority is given to those who purchased from our company.)

If your watch has stopped working, if the time is out of sync, or if you experience any other problems with your watch, please contact us and we will assist you accordingly.

If you live in the Kanto region, you can bring it directly to our shop, or if you live far away, you can send it to us by postal mail with prepaid shipping. We will then contact you with an estimate, and once you are satisfied, the repair will begin.

About our repair and overhaul

Our company's main business is selling watches, and we outsource repairs to a trusted, long-established workshop in Saitama.

Repairs are carried out by highly skilled and trustworthy first-class watchmakers, so basically any watch can be repaired.

However, nowadays, with watch manufacturers no longer providing parts and the construction of watches becoming more complex, it is becoming increasingly common for repairs to be carried out only by the manufacturer.

Therefore, the workshops we outsource can generally only repair watches made up to the 2010s.

The items we handle are those made before 2010, so we are able to repair all watches purchased from our company. However, please note that we are unable to repair watches purchased new.

The idea of ​​a watch

If your watch isn't broken, don't send it in for repair.

That's not the idea.

It's just like a car; instead of repairing it when it stops working, you "inspect and repair" it first.

If you properly inspect and repair your watch before it stops working, the repair costs will be cheaper than having it repaired after it breaks, and most importantly, you will be able to use it for a longer period of time.

So how often should you send it in for repairs?

Many people may wonder, "Why is this necessary?"

This is according to our standards

"Once every three years"

We recommend the following.

The above cycle is based on the assumption that the device will be used daily, but if the device is only used on weekends, we believe that once every five years will be no problem.

From the outside, it is impossible to know what is going on inside a watch, as it is always telling time, but inside there could be a number of problems that could cause it to malfunction, such as a lack of oil or dust or dirt getting stuck between the gears.

The key to enjoying your watch for a long time is to eliminate the causes of such malfunctions before they occur.

If you are interested in the cycle of watch repairs, please check out this video for more details.

To our loyal customers

We would like to express our gratitude to our customers on a daily basis.

Customers choosing us has allowed us to continue operating our store.

Thank you for your continued support🙇