The Relationship Between Hermes Universal Geneve Chronograph Watches and the Polerouter

Hermes Universal Geneva watch

Hermes Universal Geneve Chronograph

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Today we will be explaining about the very rare double name with Hermes, the Compax, one of Universal Geneva's popular models.

The Universal Geneve Compax Chronograph combines fantastic design with technical excellence and incredible pedigree, making it extremely rare to see one today.

Universal Genève watches are shipped from France via Hermes, and some watches have Hermes engraved on the face.

Please take a look at Universal Geneve, a vintage watch loved by everyone.

Many watch brands flourished in the early 20th century, but fell on hard times as quartz came to dominate most watches.

The Universal Genève watch company was no exception to the damage.

But the company has edged out its main competitors in terms of design, technology and pedigree.
For example, the 1954 Polerouter was used by Scandinavian Airlines when they decided to operate new routes over the North Pole from the United States and Europe in order to reduce flight times.

It also needed to have stronger anti-magnets and shock absorption features as it would be the first route to Europe in 1,000 years and cross the North Pole.

Later, Polerouter developed the earliest Microrouter system, a concept that comprises the fastest automatic chronographs and is used by dozens of prestigious brands such as Piaget.

The Polerouter was Gerald Genda's first design for a major watch manufacturer, completed when he was just 23 years old.

This is a Universal Geneve Compax model, one of the most beautiful chronographs from the 1930s to 1960s.

Truman famously wore a Universal Genève Compax during the Potsdam Conference, and Juan Perón was also a fan of these watches.

Carl McFarland, the Assistant Secretary of Justice of the United States, was President Franklin Roosevelt's chief adviser in the Supreme Court reform of 1937, and up to six other justices at the time also wore this watch (one of them is shown below).

Hermes Universa Genève watch on the wrist

What's most impressive about Universal Geneva is how it impresses the viewer with both American and French brands.

In the United States, Universal Genève was positioned as a sister brand to Patek Philippe at the Henri Stern Watch Agency (click here for more information), which is now widely known as Patek Philippe America.

The Universal Geneve Compax models are not expensive and are considered Patek's non-permanent models.

In France, the Universal Genève Compact model may be found in many stores as Hermes.

Although Universal Genève's partnership with Hermes did not last long, the brand remains outstanding in France and the rest of Europe, and it is said that there is no more elegant brand in France than Hermes.

Hermes Universa Genève Watch Catalog

The Universal Genève Compax model watches we see today were made by Hermes.

This Universal Genève and Hermes double name is truly rare and can almost only be found in France.

Universal Geneve Compax watches are expensive, but models with Hermes engraved on the dial are impossible to find these days and are even rarer than regular Compax watches.

Hermes Universa Genève Watch Catalog

These Hermes Universal Geneve watches are truly rare and somewhat expensive, and vintage Universal Geneve chronographs are a testament to the exceptional brand that goes back to its roots.