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      To see the charm of Tank Française in the video, click here.

      In this article, we will explain the Francaise, one of the most popular Cartier watches.

      The most iconic model from Cartier is undoubtedly the Tank.

      Such is the Tank, and it has been derived in many different ways, such as the Tank Louis Cartier, American, Anglaise, Solo, and many others, but if the model name starts with "Tank," then the Tank is its ancestor.

      Please stay with us until the end as we will explain in detail what kind of model Française is, what its appeal is, and what history it has.

      The table of contents is included in the description, so please take a look there if there is anything you are interested in.

      Well, let's get started right away.

      What is the design of the tank?

      It's well known that the design was inspired by the floorplan of a Renault tank, but how did one actually come up with a design like that?

      Many people may wonder, "Why is this happening?"

      So please take a look at this image↓

      How did the design of the Cartier Tank watch come about?

      The plan view of a tank seen from above was used directly in the design of Cartier's tank.

      The vertical frame next to the dial represents the caterpillar tracks of a tank.

      The historical context of this time was one in which modernization was progressing rapidly after World War I, and functionality was given more importance than extravagant and elegant decoration.

      This was a time when straight lines rather than curves were incorporated into designs to express speed and a cutting-edge feel.

      However, Cartier had also learned a lot from the Louis XVI style that had been popular before, and understood that straight lines could become art.

      As a result, Cartier began producing the modern-style Tank Collection, with its angular, straight-lined design, as early as 1919.

      Speaking of tanks, let's take a look at some of the models that have been derived from them.

      What kind of model is the Cartier Tank Francaise?

      Cartier Tank Series American Francaise Anglaise

      From left to right, the models are Tank Américaine, Française, and Anglaise, and each model name includes the name of a country: America, France, or Great Britain.

      This was once the grandson of Louis Cartier. Louis, Pierre, and Jack The names of the countries are chosen as a homage to the company's bases in New York, Paris, and London.

      In short, the name "Française" is a French name.

      However, it was actually born in 1997, which is actually 25 years ago.

      The Tank Française was born in 1997, inheriting the design of the Tank, and has a modern design. It's a modern take on the essence of the tank.

      This was the first Tank to be designed to match the case better than the bracelets that had been fitted to previous Tanks, and the angular case and bracelet give it a more jewellery-like appearance compared to the original 1919 Tank model.

      Then please see the image below↓

      Comparing Cartier Watches: Tank Louis Cartier and Tank Francaise

      On the left is the Tank Louis Cartier and on the right is the Tank Francaise.

      The Tank Louis Cartier has a separate case and strap, but compared to round watches from other companies, the strap flows naturally into the watch case without disrupting the style, making it an outstanding design considering that it was created in 1917.

      It is originally French, but it has evolved even further.

      The thing I'm evolving is the bracelet.

      The design of the band and the watch case are unified, giving the watch a bracelet-like style, even though it is a wristwatch.

      The result of modernizing the Tank is a design so sophisticated that it's hard to believe it's a watch.

      Now let's look at just the Française case design:

      Comparison of Française watches: leather strap and stainless steel strap

      The one on the left is on a leather strap, which is beautiful in its own way, but you can see that the Française was designed with the stainless steel strap in mind, and both the case and dial were designed with that in mind.

      The individual links of the bracelet mirror the design of the case, with their own sharp, angular shapes.

      The integrated case and bracelet create the illusion of the watch stretching from both ends, making it appear rectangular.

      It's hard to tell when the watch is on the bracelet, but as you can see from this image, the dial of the Française is square.

      The sharp angles that extend from this bracelet enliven the case, making it look dynamic and giving it a new character that sets it apart from the original Tank model.

      In this way, the Française watch is a timeless classic that is universally popular among women's watches and enjoys immense popularity among people of all ages.

      From here on, we will introduce some famous people who have worn Française.

      Française, loved by women all over the world

      Royals and aristocrats have a history of wearing Cartier items, with Kate Middleton being a fan of the sporty Ballon Bleu.

      So who wore the French coat?

      Most famously, the late Princess Diana was often seen wearing a yellow gold Tank Française.

      A scene of Diana, Princess of Wales, wearing the French diaper

      Princess Diana was seen wearing this watch as early as the late 1990s, proving she owned the Tank Française from its earliest days.

      Secondly, US First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted wearing the Tank Française in her first official photograph at the White House.

      A scene where Michelle Obama is wearing the French costume

      In this photo taken in 2009, Mrs. Obama can be seen holding a stainless steel Tank Française, complementing her understated and elegant look of an all-black long dress and pearl necklace.

      In Japan, It is well known that Yo Yoshida and Minami Tanaka wear Francaise.

      Attention to detail in every finish

      Now let's take a look at the design and finish of the Française.

      Française watches are designed to look dynamic, with two different finishes creating shadows and contrasts depending on how the stainless steel is finished, creating a different appearance.

      Let's take a look at the differences in finishing methods using bracelets.

      Explanation of the differences in case finishes of Cartier watches Française

      The bracelet is designed so that the side links hold the central link.

      If you look closely, you will notice that the finish of these central and side pieces is different.

      First, the center part has a hairline finish, which is not shiny but creates thin, linear lines that bring out the natural appeal of the stainless steel material.

      The defining feature of this method is that it produces a classy finish.

      Next is the sides, which are said to have a polished or mirror finish, giving them a glossy, reflective shine.

      The thing about this style is that it gives a feminine and soft impression.

      Now let's take a look at the case itself.

      Explanation of the differences in case finishes for Cartier Francaise watches

      The case has a hairline finish next to the dial and a polished finish on the sides.

      By using two different finishes in this way, Française has created a watch that is beautiful from any angle, with the watch part as an accent and the strap part as a bracelet.

      Now let's take a look at the Française's distinctive design.

      Française: Three-dimensional case top

      This is the top of the case viewed from the side at an angle; as you can see, the frame next to the dial of the Française case is slanted so that the shoulders are lowered.

      The beveled finish of the case makes the dial stand out, creating a more three-dimensional shape.

      Various dial variations

      Cartier watch Francaise Various dials

      Another attractive feature of the Française is that it comes in multiple dial variations.

      Standard white is, of course, cute, but if you want something different from everyone else, or if you have a favorite color, you can have even more fun choosing.

      So let's take a look at them from left to right.

      First, the one on the far left is the blue shell and next to it to the right is the pink shell.

      Although production has now ceased, it is made from natural shell and its appearance changes dramatically depending on the amount of light it receives and the angle from which it is viewed.

      The pink shell model has a pink spinel set on the crown top, giving it a unified look and making it a must-have item for anyone who loves pink.

      The one in the center is the black model.

      This was released as a ladies' model exclusively in Asia, but it is rare to see a ladies' model in black, making it a rare model.

      The black color gives it a more chic feel, and the clean design that is typical of Cartier means that just having one piece will broaden the range of outfits you can wear.

      And next to it to the right is Francaise CARTIER 160.

      This model was released in 2007 to commemorate the 160th anniversary of Cartier's founding, and was also released exclusively in Asia.

      If you look closely at the dial, you can see the words CARTIER 160 written in a pale pink.

      It's not obvious at first glance, but having characters like this subtly on the dial gives it a casually stylish look.

      The last model on the far right is the 2006 Christmas limited edition model.

      Compared to the pink shell, the pink is much more solid and vivid, and the Arabic numerals are the opposite color, white, so visibility is excellent.

      Next, let's take a look at the size range offered by Française.

      Check out the size of the Française

      Now let's take a look at the size of the current model Francaise. Cartier Francaise Watch Sizes

      Française was available in three sizes: SM, MM, and LM, but production of the men's model LM was discontinued in 2016, and only a redesigned version is currently available.

      So, let's take a look at SM and MM.

      The SM and MM models have cases that are 5mm larger in both length and width, so they are watches that give very different impressions.

      The SM is small, but it still looks good on delicate Japanese women, and because the watch is smaller, it seems to function more as a bracelet.

      I think the best way to describe it is as a bracelet watch.

      As for the MM, it has a 25mm case size, so it looks quite large compared to the SM, but it is still smaller than the regular size of a ladies' watch.

      The large case size makes it easy to read and it will add a touch of sparkle to any woman's wrist, making it a lovely accent piece.

      Let's look at the materials

      Now let's take a look at the ingredients that Française uses.

      Cartier Francaise Watches Various Materials

      Current product lineup includes a stainless steel model, a combination of stainless steel and yellow gold, yellow gold, and a model with diamonds set on the frame.

      When it comes to gold, you have to be careful when handling it, but stainless steel is perfect for everyday use at work or at home.

      If you feel that stainless steel silver alone is not enough for you, then a combination of yellow gold or a model adorned with diamonds will give a completely different impression.

      What I would like you to look at here is the pink gold model, but in fact the pink gold version has been discontinued.

      I'm sure there are many people who prefer pink to yellow, so I think this is a pretty disappointing point.

      However, in fact, this pink gold model continues to be sold overseas.

      There is no combination model, but the pink gold only model is still on sale.

      As I explained in the section on dial variations, Cartier tends to limit the regions in which it sells its watches, so it's possible that the pink gold version is only available in the US.

      However, Cartier has a history of reviving popular items, so perhaps it will reappear after some time has passed.


      I think you can see why this product is so popular among women.
      The Française model is derived from the Tank, so while it inherits its traditions, it has been arranged in a modern design and has a sophisticated beauty.

      As for the price, if you choose a stainless steel model, you can purchase a second-hand one for around 400,000 yen, so it's not a cheap watch, but when you consider the quality, durability, and number of years it can be used, it's not an expensive purchase.

      No matter how much time passes, Cartier continues to create beautiful pieces, and this appeal is possible only because Cartier has satisfied royalty and aristocracy.