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      When looking at Cartier watches, one model you will come across is called "Ronde."

      There are often many different names added after rondo, so what exactly are the differences between them?

      I'm sure many people are wondering, "Why is this happening?"

      So here we will introduce the various patterns, focusing on the Ronde Louis Cartier.

      Ronde Louis Cartier's charm explained

      The word "ronde" means "round" in French.

      So, as you can see from the design of the watch, it is a Cartier watch, but it is a round watch.

      The name also includes the word "Louis," which comes from Louis Cartier, the man who made Cartier world famous.

      There is a square model called the Tank Louis Cartier, and it is safe to assume that anything with the Louis name attached is a top-quality product.

      In short, the top of the line square model is the Tank Louis Cartier and the top of the line round model is the Ronde Louis Cartier.

      What variations are there in Ronde Louis Cartier?

      The Ronde Louis Cartier collection is available in five variations.

      Because they are originally a jewelry brand, they are able to prepare a variety of patterns by combining a wide range of materials, including precious metals and gemstones.

      Various variations of the Ronde Louis Cartier

      The collection includes simple designs like this one, as well as details such as diamond-set bezels.

      Pink text indicates ladies' items, green text indicates unisex items, and blue text indicates men's items.

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      It will be.

      All four Ronde Louis Cartier watches are equipped with quartz movements, except for the central 40mm model, which is equipped with an automatic movement.

      In contrast to the Ronde Solo de Cartier, the dial of the Ronde Louis Cartier is set with classic Breguet hands.

      Rounded and elegant, the Ronde Louis Cartier exudes a sense of harmony and tradition, making it a suitable model for any wrist.

      Rondes de Cartier
      The overall design of the Ronde de Cartier is classic, simple and unmistakable. The series is characterised by traditional circular dials, large Roman numerals, gold fittings and the steel and alligator materials used to craft the watches. The latest timepieces in the series include the Ronde Solo de Cartier and the Ronde Louis Cartier, which are released in multiple sizes and various styles.

      Ronde Solo de Cartier
      The distinct character of the Ronde Solo de Cartier
      Cartier has once again proven its prowess in the field of timeless watch design with the launch of the Ronde Solo de Cartier. The timepiece was launched in 2009 alongside the Cartier Tank Solo and quickly established itself as a classic and elegant model within the brand's extensive range of timepieces.

      The design of the Ronde Solo de Cartier is inspired by its predecessor, the Ronde de Cartier, and features some of its distinctive features. Some of the watch's distinctive elements are its circular dial, Roman numerals and striking blued sword-shaped hands. Another traditional feature is the Cartier sapphire cabochon on the crown. This model is available in different versions, each distinguished by its size and characteristics. The Ronde Solo de Cartier is available in the universal size of 36 mm (e.g. Ref. W6700255) and optionally in 42 mm (Ref. W6701010).