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      Breitling Chronomatic: A Pioneer in the Watch Industry

      Breitling Chronomatic
      In 1969, Breitling introduced the Chronomatic series, introducing its first automatic chronograph movement.

      Since then, the Chronomatic has become an icon of a watershed moment in watchmaking history.

      While respecting its traditions, Chronomatic has developed a wide range of models, captivating fans with its modern cases and masculine designs.

      The sporty and bold design of the Chronomatic, introduced in the late 1960s, featured a larger case than other Breitling watches, a style that continued to be adopted thereafter.

      The Chronomatic caused quite a stir when it was released, as it was one of the first chronographs in the history of watchmaking to feature an automatic movement.

      Thereafter, all Breitling chronographs with automatic movements were collectively called "Chronomatic", such as the Chronomat Chronomatic and the Navitimer Chronomatic.

      Chronomatic Features

      A common feature of Chronomatic models is the special crown located on the left side of the case.

      This stylish crown not only asserts that this watch is a chronograph, but also allows the natural movement of the wearer's arm to wind it, eliminating the need for daily manual winding.
      The first Breitling watch featuring the legendary Chronomatic caliber was introduced in 1969.

      Although it had been nearly 100 years since the first chronograph, the Breitling Chronomatic represented a major revolution in precise time measurement.

      Development of a new movement

      The new movement was developed in collaboration with four companies, including the well-known watch brand Heuer.

      The development was internally known as "Project 99".

      The result of this collaboration was the Chronomatic, a range of automatic chronograph movements in four different versions.

      The main movement was the Calibre 11, but the Calibre 12, with a higher frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, was also introduced, as were the Calibre 14 and Calibre 15, which offered additional functions.

      The new movement was fitted to the Chronomat, Navitimer, Co-Pilot and finally the new model, the Chronomatic.

      These watches are based on the construction of the Chronomatic movement and feature a crown on the left side of the watch.

      And what's great about it is that it doesn't need to be wound by hand if you wear the watch regularly.
      The 21st Century: A New Era of Breitling Chronomatics

      As the 21st century began, Breitling decided to reintroduce the Chronomatic into its Chronolog Breitling watch collection.

      The new Chronomatic

      The Chronomatic SE (model number A41350) is a reproduction of the classic 1969 model and is limited to 1,000 pieces.

      As mentioned earlier, the crown is designed on the left side, just like the original Chronomatic.

      It also comes in two variations: steel and gold.
      In 2006, Breitling relaunched the classic model.

      The Chronomatic model number A41360 has the crown on the left side, just like the original.

      The A1436 was introduced in 2008 and featured a more modern 49 mm case and the winding crown was placed on the right side of the watch.

      While this is not uncommon today, at the time the combination of a chronograph and automatic winding was a distinctive feature.

      The new era Chronomatic features a rare slide rule bezel made from a rubber material, providing increased stability, grip and functionality.

      The Chronomatic 1461 (model number A19360) was made of steel and equipped with a semi-perpetual calendar that required no adjustment except for leap years. It was sold in a limited run of 2,000 units.

      The Chronomatic 24H (model number A22360), which features a 24-hour display, and the Chronomatic QP (model number R29360), which uses 18k rose gold, are also available as limited edition items.

      Currently, the Chronomatic has disappeared from Breitling's catalog, Chronolog.

      However, with a bit of luck, it is possible to find a new or pre-owned Chronomatic watch at a reasonable price.

      And there's a chance it could appear again in Breitling's men's watch collection in the future.

      Of course, we also handle this wonderful Breitling Chronomatic, so please feel free to contact us (^ω^)