Introducing the wonderful chronograph watches from the history of Leonidas and its relationship with Heuer

The Value of Chronographs

The deeply connected world of horology resembles a vast, impermeable forest with its tangled branches and roots.

The brand name, at least from the name, is not a product of acquisition or family ties.

I don't think it's tethered.

For example, Zenith and Movado, or Tudor and Rolex, or Wittner and Longines.

there is.

Heuer is a brand we all know well, especially with the Camaro and Carrera.

It is popular for its sports chronographs.

However, the history of the brand began with Eduard Heuer

Its history goes back to the late 19th century, when the first chronograph was patented.

1960s Chronographs Have an Almost Cult Reputation

(And stratospheric prices at auction)

As with Rolex, which achieved

Chronographs are a big hit with collectors.

Even early ones can cost upwards of $20,000 for a Heuer.

As familiar names fall out of fashion, collectors are getting creative.


When Heuer was producing the Carrera, it was a well-known watch manufacturer.

We merged with a long-established company that had been acquired.

That company is Leonidas.

Leonidas was founded in 1841 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland.

In 1914 it was acquired by Constant Jeanneret-Droz.

Constant Jeanneret Droz is a famous chronograph scheme manufacturer.

He was the son of Jules Frédéric Jeanneret, founder of Excelsior Park.

Leonidas has a strong background in producing chronographs.

The company continued to produce chronographs and complicated wristwatches throughout the 20th century, and was active during both world wars.

They supplied watches to the Central and Axis armies.

The particular chronograph is from around the 1950s.

This was just before the merger with Heuer.

The oversized dial and phone number are registered at 3 o'clock,

Zenith shares this example.

However, Zenith is pink gold,

The case of this Leonidas is made of steel, is relatively thick, and has sharp protrusions.

However, the pink gold hour markers and

The handset-like feel is evident on the fine leather strap.

It has a soft look that makes it a clear choice for a suit watch.

Summary of Leonidas' History

About Leonidas

The Leonidas Watch Factory was founded in 1841 in Saint-Imier by Julien Bourquin.

In 1912, Leonidas was purchased by Constant Jeanneret-Droz, one of the three sons of Excelsior Park founder Jules-Frédéric Jeanneret.

Jeanneret Droz provided Leonidas with the necessary know-how, which enabled the company to create exceptional chronograph movements.

Leonidas also manufactured equipment used in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

In 1964, Leonidas Watch Factory and Ed Heuer merged.

For a long time, the watches produced were sold under the name "HEUER LEONIDAS".

However, after Heuer merged to become TAG Heuer, the Leonidas name disappeared.

Introducing Leonidas' wonderful vintage chronographs

Vintage Chronograph Leonidas Pre Heuer Military Chronograph Valjoux VZ 1940's

Case is 32mm (excluding crown)
37mm lug tip

Lug (lug width 18mm)
One of the rugs has

The last three digits of the serial number 229987, 987, are engraved on it.

The case has recently been professionally re-chromed.

The original dial is in very good condition and it shows a beautiful patina.

The dial is original and has not been restored.

The Valjoux VZ manual wind movement is powerful and keeps great time.

The chrono function works perfectly.

Valjoux VZ:
Features: Manual wind chronograph,

60 seconds, 30 minutes,

Pillar wheel, less than a second.

Remarks: 1916-1974, > 125000 (VZ + 23),

Breguet Hairspring

The VZ is probably an earlier version of the 23 as they are nearly identical except for the coupling clutch.

VZ is the designation used in the known Valjoux datasheet, but now you can read 23VZ.

Leonidas Swiss Pre-Heuer (1940s)

Vintage Military Chronograph

This is a military style Leonidas Swiss replica watch.

This 1940s piece has been professionally restored and is timed to local time.

100% original product.

The 35mm [37mm count center crown] case is chrome plated.

The "Big Eye" dial and copper brown hands have been professionally cleaned.

This beautiful chronograph comes with a genuine handmade black crocodile strap.

It is attached with a matching high quality buckle.

Brand: LEONIDAS Swiss [pre-Heuer]

Model: Chronograph

Gender: Male

Year of manufacture: 1940-1949

Country/Region of Manufacture: Switzerland

Features: Tachymeter, Chronograph

Watch Band Material: Handmade Genuine Crocs

Movement: Mechanical (hand-wound)

Era: Vintage (1920-1970)

Display: Analog

Case Back: Snap button bubble back stainless steel

Watch Shape: Round

Size: 35mm case, 37mm including center crown

Case material: Chrome plating

Detailed strap information: Search "Crocodile" in our store

Case color: Silver

Case Finish: Matte

Movement Details: Landeron Cal 48

Surface: Patina, White

Production serial number: 791358

Strap Material: Handmade, Genuine Crocs

Display Type: Analog

Strap Color: Black

Vintage 1950s (Pre-Heuer) Leonidas Triple Date Moon Phase

A beautiful composite triple date moon phase watch from the early 50s

The watch is in excellent condition and the dial is clear and easy to read.

Very minor fading but in excellent condition considering its age.

A very usable vintage watch that keeps good time and has all the functions

(Moon phase, day, month, day)

This changes while the watch is running or when you set it.

The crown and crystal were last replaced approximately 14 months ago and have barely been worn since then.

Now, Leonidas watches are closely associated with Heuer.

Leonidas was taken over in the early 60s and many of his designs were kept and

The label has been reset.

The size is 35mm without the crown or lugs.

This is a large watch that suits elegant ladies and gentlemen.

The same model with the Heuer Leonidas logo will cost two to three times as much.

This is because watches like these become extremely rare and therefore naturally more valuable.

If you collect old Leonidas or Heuer watches, consider this a good investment.

Brand: Leonidas Case Material: Stainless Steel Gender: Unisex Face Color: Beige Features: Day, Date, 12-hour dial, Arabic numerals, Moon indicator, Moon phase Strap Material: Genuine leather Display: Analog Case Size: 35mm
Water resistance: No

Leonidas Vintage Military Chronograph Landeron Caliber 48

This watch was made in the 1940s and has been repaired by a craftsman.

It is well serviced at our local workshop.

This is a 100% original item with no foreign parts.

The 35mm [37mm counting center crown] case is left unpainted.

The "Big Eye" dial and copper brown hands are

It's a feast for the eyes.

This lovely chronograph is presented on a genuine handmade dark brown crocodile strap.

It has a high quality buckle.

Brand: LEONIDAS Swiss [pre-Heuer]
Strap color: Brown Gender: Men's Model: Chronograph Country/Region of Manufacture: Switzerland Features: Telemeter, Tachymeter, Chronograph Watchband material: Handmade Genuine Crocodile Movement: Mechanical (Hand-wound)
Age: Vintage (1920-1970)
Year of manufacture: 1940-1949
Case Back: Snap-down bubble back Stainless steel Display: Analog Size: 35mm case, 37mm including center crown
Watch Shape: Round Strap More Info: Search our store for "Crocodile" Case Material: Base Metal & S/S Back Buckle Details: eBay item #400842595307
Case Color: Silver Movement Details: Landeron Cal 48
Case Finish: Matte Production
Serial number: 635274
Face color: Beige Display type: Analog Strap material: Handmade, genuine crocodile

Vintage Men's Leonidas

(A quality watch from before Heuer)

This vintage Leonidas watch is in good working condition.

This watch winds easily and keeps time running smoothly.

The overall condition of the bezel or crystal is also in good condition.

The crown has some wear and chrome loss but is fully functional and runs great.

This watch has surface marks and scratches on the stainless steel case.

There are also scratches and surface marks on the surface of the watch.

There is some wear in the pinhole area of ​​the case, but the pin remains firmly seated in the worn area.

The crown has some wear and chrome loss but is in good working order.

This watch comes with a black nylon band.

The crystal and bezel are in very good condition.

Brand: Leonidas Display: Analog Gender: Men's Watch Shape: Round Face Color: Beige Features: 12-hour Dial Band Color: Black Movement: Mechanical (Hand-wound)
Country/Region of Manufacture: Switzerland

Leonidas SA 1940's Swiss [Pre-Heuer] Vintage ATP Military Watch FHF Cal 186

Professionally restored in a local workshop,

It is well serviced.

This is Leonidas SA's

Vintage ATP military broad watch,

It is a movement from the 1840s.

I use the FHF Caliber 186.

The case has been professionally cleaned

[Not polished],

The movement has been fully repaired.

The clock also has new, accurate plexiglass,

I lightly cleaned the sector dial and hands.

This watch is

Not a safe queen,

An honest, complete and authentic survivor of the glory days.

This authentic WW2 military watch is

It comes with a black leather strap,

Original dial and nice letters/numbers

It displays beautifully.

We have many photos of this watch,

Scanned KNILM's book on British military watches,

I made some macro close-up shots.

Local spa services available

As with all watches,

Includes a 6 month warranty from the date of purchase.

Brand: Leonidas SA [pre-Heuer]
Strap Color: Black Gender: Men's Case Size: 31mm [33.50mm with crown counting at 3 hours]
Lug width: 16mm
Features: Sub-second, ATP at 6 hours
Style: Military Movement: Mechanical (hand-wound)
Model: British Army AT
- Water resistance rating: 30 m (3 ATM)
Year of manufacture: 1940-1949
Display: Analog Country/Region of Manufacture: Switzerland Watch Shape: Round Number of Jewels: 15 Jewels

Case Material: Chrome Plated Strap Type: Two-Piece Strap Case Color: Silver Display Type: Analog Case Finish: Matte Case Back: Stainless Steel Face Color: Patina, Ivory Leonidas SA
Serial number: 113572
Strap material: Genuine leather

Heuer-Leonidas Easyrider Swiss made mechanical chronograph

Easy Rider was launched in 1971 and remained with Heuer until May 1974.

The watch was presented at the Basel Watch Fair in 1972.

As an affordable model, it was specifically targeted at younger buyers.

The watch was developed as a low-cost model to fight off the growing wave of Japanese quartz watches.

So how did they manage to sell a watch at this price?

This was done primarily using low-cost materials.

The case is made of fiberglass resin (chrome plated on some models)

The movement was a hand-crafted pin pallet movement by Ebauches Bettlach.

The case is oval and measures 40x45mm.
The watch comes with a black silicone Sport Tropic band that is 18mm wide at the lugs.

The clock operates with an accuracy of approximately 5 to 10 minutes per day.

Once the chronograph is started, it will stop after approximately one hour.

And then restart after reset.

The chronograph starts, stops and resets completely.

The movement will need to be serviced to remedy this condition.

Gender: Men's Case size: 40mm x 45mm
Lug width: 18mm
Brand: Leonidas Style: Sports Features: Acrylic crystal, Chronograph Age group: Adult Watch Shape: Oval Year of production: 1970-1979
Display: Analog Number of jewels: 17 jewels Movement: Mechanical (hand-wound)
Band Type: Two-piece Strap Water Resistance Rating: Not Water Resistant Country/Region: Switzerland Case Material: Carbon Fiber, Resin Band Material: Silicone/Rubber Case Finish: Matte Model: Leonidas Easy Rider
Band color: Black Case color: Gray

Leonidas Military Chronograph

This rare 1940s military style

LEONIDAS Swiss [pre-Heuer] chronograph watches are professionally serviced in our local workshop.

It is in absolutely excellent condition and ready to proudly join your collection.

No foreign parts, 100% original.

The 35.50mm [37.50mm counting center crown] case is in excellent unpainted condition.

The original "Big Eye" "Cream" dial and copper brown hands are

The beautiful patina is a delight to the eye.

These include restore snapshots and snapshots of photos taken.

This lovely chronograph is equipped with a high-quality brown calfskin strap and buckle from HIRSCH.

As with all watches serviced in local time,

This also comes with a 6 month written warranty from the date of purchase.

Brand: LEONIDAS Swiss [pre-Heuer]
Strap color: Brown Gender: Men's Model: Chronograph Country/Region of Manufacture: Switzerland Features: Chronograph Functions and Features: Chronograph Movement: Mechanical (Hand-wound)
Age: Vintage (1920-1970)
Year of manufacture: 1940-1949
Case Back: Snap-down bubble back Stainless steel Display: Analog Size: 35.50mm case, 37.50mm including center crown
Watch Shape: Round Strap Details: HIRSCH
Case Material: Base metal & S/S
Buckle details: HIRSCH
Case Color: Silver Movement Details: Landeron Cal 48
Case Finish: Matte
Serial number: 501891
Face color: Beige Display type: Analog Strap material: Harsh, leather

1940s Leonidas Vintage Chronograph Landeron Caliber 248

This is a unique and unusual Leonidas (Swiss made) watch.

This 1940s watch has been professionally restored and

Serviced at a local workshop.

It's in really excellent condition.

In addition, it is 100% original, without any external parts.

The 34mm [48mm long lug-to-lug] swivel [driver's] lug case is in unpolished condition.

The dial and blue hands are 9 hour sub-dial [sweeping second hand],

Especially the windmill (or propeller style) 4-paddle hands.

It's a feast for the eyes.

This lovely chronograph has

It is presented on a black calf leather strap.

Brand: LEONIDAS Swiss [pre-Heuer]
Strap material: Leather Gender: Men's Strap color: Black Features: Chronograph Model: Chronograph Movement: Mechanical (hand-wound)
Country/Region of Manufacture: Switzerland Year of Manufacture: 1940-1949
Functions & Features: Stopwatch Display: Analog Era: Vintage (1920-1970)
Watch Shape: Round Case Back: Snap Button Bubble Back Stainless Steel Case Material: Stainless Steel Size: 34mm case, 48mm long lug-to-lug case Color: Silver Movement Details: Landeron Cal 248
Case Finish: Matte Display Type: Analog Face Color: Beige Lug Width: 18mm