For stylish men! 7 recommended popular Cartier watch models

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In this article, we will introduce seven wonderful carefully selected Cartier models for stylish men.

Cartier was the first brand to create watches for men.

The history of this watch dates back to when adventurer Alberto Santos-Dumont was piloting an airplane and said, "I don't have time to take my pocket watch out of my pocket, so I want to be able to check the time while still holding the control stick!"

This was the beginning of men's watches, as a response to this request from the third president, Louis Cartier.

Cartier watches started with the Santos, but today there are a variety of models available.

The models I will introduce from now on are based on my own personal opinions and biases, so please use them for reference only.

This time, we will be introducing only the products currently on sale so that readers of the article can purchase the product they want immediately.

So let's get started right away.

Cartier Recommendation No. 7: Tank Must

Cartier Recommendation No. 7: Tank Must

It can be said that the Tank Mast is the most affordable way to get your hands on the Cartier brand.

Tank Louis This is Cartier's popular model, and while it maintains the shape of the Tank Louis, it is sold at a low price by using only stainless steel as the material.

That doesn't mean that corners have been cut, though; the bracelet is a stainless steel one by default, and the XL size only features a silver satin-finished dial with guilloche decoration, making it a watch that is made with great attention to detail considering the price.

The rectangular case gives a formal and sophisticated impression, and also brings out a neat and tidy impression in business situations, making it useful in any situation.

This is the perfect introductory model for those who do not yet own a Cartier watch.

The history of the evolution of tank masts is explained here, so if you are interested, please take a look.

Recommended Cartier brand #6: Santos-Dumont

Recommended Cartier brand #6: Santos-Dumont

The Santos-Dumont is classified as part of the Santos series, but my impression is that it fits in well with the Santos.

The reason is that the Santos de Cartier gives the impression of being "big, rugged, and powerful!", while the Santos-Dumont gives the impression of being elegant.

To begin with, the Santos-Dumont is a dress watch that is more formal.

Even the XL size is extremely thin at just 7.5mm thick, so the dial stands out beautifully in any size.

It has a silver satin finish.

The appeal of this model is that it is an XL size and is equipped with a hand-wound movement.

Fitting a hand-wound movement into a case that is only 7.5mm thick is no small feat.

This is made possible by the Cal. 430MC movement, which is extremely thin, with a height of just 2.1mm.

That said, that doesn't mean the movement is weak, as it has an amazing power reserve of 43 hours.

Recommended by the coveted brand Cartier #5: Tank Francaise

Recommended by the coveted brand Cartier #5: Tank Francaise

The Francaise has always been Cartier's most popular model for women, but since the model change, I feel that it has become much cooler and has a design that suits men as well.

The base size has been increased from the previous model, making the watch larger and the crown now inside the watch, giving it a much more tank-like feel.

Until now, the Anglaise frame was the widest and had a tank-like feel, but now I feel like the Francaise frame is making up for that.

The dial has also been changed from the white of the previous model to a satin-finished silver one with applied indexes (raised indexes).

This is also the case with the Santos, which we will introduce later, but it is designed to smoothly connect the strap to the case, giving you a sense of unity, which is one of its attractive features.

Recommended brand Cartier #4: Ballon Bleu

Recommended brand Cartier #4: Ballon Bleu

Ballon Bleu means "blue balloon", and the crown plays the role of the balloon.

The watch itself is designed to be nearly spherical, with smooth curves that are not found in other round models further enhancing its beauty.

The most notable feature of this model is that the crown is inside the case.

This shows the uniqueness of Cartier that cannot be imitated by other companies.

Originally, this style of crown inlay was not first created by Ballon Bleu; although the shape is different, first came the Cinquère, then the Anglaise, and these were then inherited to become Ballon Bleu.

It was originally created as a ladies' model, and it is well known that Queen Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wears Ballon Bleu.

The default finish is also great.

Generally, for men, the size starts from 36mm, but the dial has a silver satin finish and guilloche engraving, giving it a very luxurious feel.

Another attractive point is that it is also available with a blue dial and a pink gold case, giving men a wide range of options to choose from.

Recommended brand from Cartier 3: Santos de Cartier

Recommended brand from Cartier 3: Santos de Cartier

I explained this a little when talking about the Santos-Dumont, but I think the words "simple and sturdy" are the perfect description of the Santos de Cartier.

It is 35mm in MM size, but it has a different impact than a round 35mm.

Additionally, although the watch case has sharp edges, the bezel also has sharp edges, giving it a three-dimensional, masculine impression.

However, it's not just big, as is typical of Cartier designs, but it also fits comfortably on the wrist.

What is indispensable about the Santos is the belt with its continuous horizontal plates.

I think it is the combination of this strap and the angular case that makes it into a "Santos."

The current model was newly revamped in 2018, and like the Francaise, it is designed to have a smooth connection from the strap to the case, giving it a sophisticated impression despite being a large watch.

For more information on the history of Santos, please watch this video:

Recommended brand Cartier ② Tank American

Recommended brand Cartier ② Tank American

It looks really cool, but unfortunately the current lineup has been significantly reduced from the previous model.

The men's line comes in stainless steel and pink gold, but the pink gold is only available up to MM, and when choosing LM you only have stainless steel.

So, although the range of choices is limited in American, there is a reason why I am introducing them here.

That's because there are a lot of really good ones out there, even including older models.

Among the previous models, there were some that used 18K yellow and white gold, and these were also available in large sizes.

A notable feature of the American is that it is designed with how it will look on a person's wrist.

Other companies make watches that are just "the watch itself," but Cartier's American watches are curved to shine as beautifully as possible when worn on the wrist, making them comfortable to wear and the curve also brings out the personality of the wearer.

It has a regular, simple rectangular design, but within its simplicity it is packed with profound design and aesthetics, making it a masterpiece.

Recommended brand Cartier #1: Tank Louis Cartier

Recommended brand Cartier #1: Tank Louis Cartier

Needless to say, the Tank Louis Cartier is impossible to remove.

When you think of Cartier, the image that comes to mind is the Tank, but the Must Tank, Tank Française, and Tank Américaine all originated from the Tank Louis Cartier.

This model was first made in 1917 for high-ranking military officials, and its shape has remained almost unchanged for 100 years, so it still looks beautiful today because it embodies Cartier's philosophy and is timeless.

Because it is Cartier's pinnacle of quality, it is only available in 18K gold and is not available in stainless steel.

Please also take a look at the movement, which is equipped with Cartier's hand-wound Cal. 1847MC.

The number 1847 is the year Cartier was founded, and MC stands for Manufacture Cartier.

The Tank Louis Cartier, the origin of the brand, is also equipped with a movement that is given the meaning of its origin.


The purpose of this article is to get as many people as possible interested in Cartier, so I have narrowed it down to only the products currently available.

In this day and age, you can check the time with your smartphone, so it's not necessarily a necessary item.

However, the reason we are so attached to watches is because of their fashionable nature.

And since Cartier was originally a jewelry brand, it seems that the emphasis is on beauty rather than functionality.

Such beautiful watches match the modern lifestyle, where watches have come to be recognized as fashionable items.

In addition to the models we have introduced today, there are many other wonderful and special models available.

If you are even slightly interested in Cartier, please take a look at some of the models that caught your eye in my other articles.