Introducing the wonderful vintage chronographs of ANGELUS

Vintage Angelus Chronodart Triple Date Chronograph Original Dial (1940s)

Stainless steel

Diameter 38mm
Lug width: 46mm

The gold case is in very good condition.

Top pusher

Starts and stops the chronograph,

The bottom pusher resets to zero.

The watch has three calendar adjusters.

The one on the rug changes the month,

The lower lug changes the day of the week,

The left lug changes the date and day together.

100% original champagne colored dial,

It's excellent for this time.

All scales, signatures and markings are

It's easy to read as is.

The dial has two sub-dials:

The left one is always in operation,

On the right is the 45-minute chronograph counter.

This watch is

Using Dial Calibration

It has the ability to measure fifths of a 5 second interval.

The watch has

A three-day calendar, changes over time,

and abnormally located upper and lower apertures.

The month and day of the week are displayed in English.

And at the tip of the red arrow on the external scale

The date is shown.

All needles are original.

The movement used in this watch is

Handcrafted 17 jewels Angelus Caliber 217,

An exclusive development from Angelus Watch Corporation.

Chronograph and calendar

For all functions to work,

The watch is running excellent.

This historic watch is a great financial investment.

Always increase its value.

The photos are of the actual watch sold.

It comes without the box or papers, but I can guarantee its authenticity.

Mechanical Chronograph

One of the important manufacturers of the Golden Age

Angelus Watch Corporation is

In 1891 by Stolz Fröhl SA

Founded in Le Locle-Schweiz-Land,

It is a very complicated watch.

It has won many awards.

This brand is

In a very small number of companies,

The best of the last 10 years

Mechanical Chronograph

Among the movements,

Unique high-end chronograph movement

We produced the following.


Width 38mm (not including winding crown)
Length 46mm (lugs included)
Thickness 15mm
Total weight of the band: 52 g.

Filled with gold

Stainless steel snapback,

Facet Rug,

Three Piece,

3 calendar adjustment pushers,

Winding crown,

Flat Chronograph Pushers


The original dial will not be restored.

(Rose gold "Swallow" hands)

Applicable golden Arabic time numerals and

Time marking

Two sunken subdials:

To control the duration of phone calls

60 seconds and 45 minutes marked in red (3 minutes for 1 coin)

Black seconds/minutes scale with 1/5 second calibration;

The monthly aperture is "12", weekday aperture is "6",

The red arrow-tipped hand points to the outer date.

It points to the headline.

It is signed "Angelus Chronodart Switzerland".


Genuine 17 Jewels Swiss Made Angelus 217

Triple Date Chronograph Caliber

Diameter 33.3mm,

Height 6.55 mm

All chronograph functions work as expected.

*Calendar between 9pm and 3am

Adjusting it back and resetting the needle is not recommended.


Brand New

Brown stitched padded leather band;

Yellow gold colored buckle

Overall length with clock and buckle: 8 1/2" (24 cm).

Vintage Angelusk Ronodart Chronograph

This wonderful 1940's

Vintage Angelus

The Chrono Dart Triple Date Chronograph is

The gold-plated case

The diameter is 38mm, not including the crown.

It is the major dents, dents,

or scratch-free and in excellent condition.

The silver dial is original.

It has not been repainted.

The 6 hands are gold with no signs of corrosion.

Angelus 217 caliber movement

is correctly indicated.

There are no signs of previous repairs or corrosion.

It runs strong and keeps time very well.

Chronograph and calendar functions

It works properly.

The movement is finally cleaned,

I don't know when the oil was poured on,

You may need to make some adjustments if you want to wear it on a daily basis.

This watch is

Slightly luxurious padding and stitching

De Vere Europe

On a wild alligator grain leather strap,

Gold Tone

Uses a tongue buckle.

A beautiful vintage watch in excellent condition.

Brand: Angelus

Case size: 38mm

Style: Pilot/Aviator

Lug width: 18mm

Features: Month, date and day, chronograph

Age: Adult

Movement: Mechanical: Hand-wound

Country/Region of Manufacture: Switzerland

Model: Chronodato

Year of manufacture: 1940-1949

Gender: Men's

Case material: Gold plated

Band material: Genuine leather

Water resistance rating: Water resistance

Band Color: Brown Watch

Shape: Round

Gems: 17 Gems

Case Finish: Glossy

Band Type: Two-piece strap

Face Color: Silver

Case color: Gold

40s Review Swiss Vintage Dress Chronograph Watch Angelus Caliber 215

Exquisite and elegant

Review Switzerland (Review Thommen)

Dress chronograph watch.

This rare 1940s piece is

It has been professionally restored,

It is made in a local workshop.

35mm [37mm count center crown]

The gold case of

It has long bullhol lugs.

The "Bauhaus" dial and simple hands are

A feast for the eyes.

Restore snapshots,

Enjoy snapshots of photos you've taken and more.

This lovely chronograph has

Handcrafted genuine crocodile straps

Matched with chocolate brown

It has a high quality buckle.

Shipped from our local workshop to your home

As with all watches,

You will also receive a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase.

Brand: REVUE Swiss [Revue Thommen]

Strap color: Brown

Gender: Men's

Model: Chronograph

Features: Tachymeter, Chronograph, Telemeter

Country/Region of Manufacture: Switzerland

Movement: Mechanical (hand-wound)

Age: Vintage (1920-1970)

Year of manufacture: 1940-1949

Case back: snap, stainless steel

Display: Analog

Size: 35mm case, 37mm including center crown

Watch Shape: Round

Detailed information on straps: Search "Crocodile" in our store

Case material: Gold plated

Buckle details: eBay item #400842595307

Case color: Yellow gold

Movement details: Angelus Cal 215

Case Finish: Matte

Serial number: 237826

Face color: Champagne

Display Type: Analog

Strap Material: Handmade, genuine crocodile

Lug width: 18mm

Vintage Chronograph Wristwatch Angelus Caliber 215

A sophisticated Angelus chronograph watch

This is a very great example.

This iconic model from the 1940s

We receive professional service from a local workshop.

It is in excellent condition.

Diameter [35.50mm including crown 37.50mm

The case is 13.25mm thick.

Although it has been thoroughly cleaned,

It has not been polished.

Great original dial and

The needles are carefully cleaned,

Angelus Caliber 215

The movement has been fully repaired.

The plexiglass is new.

This lovely chronograph has

Our exclusive premium calf leather strap

Dark Brown (handmade to Italian specs)

It is equipped with

Brand: Angelus [Switzerland]

Lug width: 18mm

Gender: Men's

Model: Chronograph

Year of manufacture: 1940s [SN#220610]

Features: Chronograph, Tachymeter

Country/Region of Manufacture: Switzerland

Movement: Mechanical (hand-wound)

Display Type: Analog

Display: Analog

Functions and Features: Chronograph

Watch Shape: Round

Age: Vintage (1920-1970)

Case material: Stainless steel

Case back: snap button

Case color: Silver

Size: 35.50mm case, 37.50mm with crown at 3 hours

Case Finish: Matte

Strap details: eBay item 401105271426

Face color: Ivory

Movement details: Angelus Caliber 215

Strap Material: Genuine leather, handmade premium calf leather

One-button chronograph Steel Caliber 215

Antimagnetic Original Vintage Angelus Chronograph

Anti-magnetic one-button gear chronograph
1960's original bi-color dial with flashy band approach and very rare steel housing

Clock Information Brand: Angelus Movement: Manual winding Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph Number of jobs: 215
Case Number :
Band: Leather Diameter: 35mm

Condition of the watchThe watch is in beautiful original condition appropriate for its age.

The glass has no scratches.

The watch has been refurbished to come with a 1 year warranty.

1940s Angelus Chronograph Black with Gold Leaf Dial

Vintage Angelus Chronograph,

Two registration black gold plated dial.

The case is approximately 35.5mm in diameter.

All stainless steel.

The movement is


High-end chronograph movement

It has a column wheel.

The watch features 1930s and 1940s

For military watches

There are fixed lugs that are commonly seen.

The patina on the dial and palm

It's amazing,

This makes it a unique watch.

Case size: 35.5mm

stainless steel

Gold leaf dial (radium)

Original condition

Fixed bars/lugs


Angelus Chronograph - Swiss Made Breguet Men's Watch

Type: Analog Watches Gender: Male Brand: Angelus
Movement: Manual winding Case material: Gold plated
ANGELUS SWISS MADE Men's Watch Round casing with original knurled crown
Used 17 gems

Hand-wound mechanical Aspiral Breguet column wheel movement.

Original campaign color dial Angelus caliber movement recently serviced.

An accurate and reliable 24 hour watch.

All parts are original.
Functions: Chronograph, hours, minutes, seconds

20 micron gold plated casing New plexiglass crystal.

Casing diameter without crown: 36.00 mm

Strap length: 250.00 mm,

Color: Black, new, leather, gold buckle

Snap-in stainless steel caseback watch does not come with box or papers.

Angelus Breguet 3 Angelus Breguet 2 Angelus Breguet 1

Angelus Vintage Chronograph Wristwatch


Watchband Material: Leather Brand: Angelus

Display Type: Analog Movement: Mechanical: Hand-wound

Functions and Features: Chronograph Model: Sports

Age: Vintage (1920-1970)

Country/Region of Manufacture: Switzerland

Angelus Chronodarthrax

Angelus is

Date written on wristwatch with divided numbers

The first manufacturer,

We made further use of Chronodarth Rax.

Faster and easier

The Chrono Dart model was released in 1942.

We provided a dedicated counter for that day and month,

Like many watches of that time,

The date was read around the periphery of the dial using a minute hand.

However, just six years later, in 1948,

Chrono Dart Lux is

Technically challenging split dates

Not only did it bring

(While still retaining the complexity of a chronograph)

Wonderful Moon Phase

I was proud of my indicators.

Technically it's impressive,

The key to the success of this design is

The dial is beautiful and easy to read.

It is actually well preserved.

Additionally, this yellow gold example:

With sleek, beautifully curved lugs,

Very interesting case shape

We will reveal.

The beautiful movement is

It is also in an almost perfectly preserved state.

Angelus Chronodart

When the watch moves to your wrist,

The calendar has also changed.

As technology improves,

The watch maker is

Perpetual Year and Calendar Watch

I found the possibility to create it.

The most beautiful, aesthetic and technical

There is no doubt on both sides,

The latest of these is

(Displays not only the date but also the month and day of the week).

Like Universal Geneva and Wittner,

Angelus is a brand that is gaining a lot of momentum in the vintage crowd.

As with those brands,

Angelus is a watch manufacturer with a long history.

By the Stolz Brothers

In 1891

(Four years before Universal Geneva was founded in the same village).

Angelus was founded in Le Locle.

First with parts from other manufacturers

I assembled the clock.

But as the 20th century dawned,

Angelus started his own movement

Because it was completely designed and manufactured in-house,

Between 1902 and 1926,

We win awards at international exhibitions every year.

Their chronographs are

Especially since it was so groundbreaking that they were praising it.

The Chronodart, introduced in 1942,

Equipped with a calendar

It was my first chronograph.

Variety of styles

(Angelus watches Chrono Dart's movements.

(Made to fit a variety of metal cases)

By Chrono Dart

It became the best-selling watch in Switzerland.

The dial design of the Chrono Dart

The emphasis is on readability.

A watch with lots of information on the dial

It may seem messy, but

The register has some play.

The day and month windows are

Divide the chronograph sub-register into two halves

Aligned on the vertical axis,

Indicated by a red-tipped needle

The chapter ring on the outer edge of the dial

The date is displayed.

Angelus is Chrono Dart

Produced in steel, gold and gold plate.

Among these,

The steel example is the most desirable of the group;

Finding a clean one

It's very difficult.

This example shows a bright blue date track,

With large Arabic numerals on the gorgeous hands,

It's as beautiful as you can expect.

The dial is

It has been professionally repaired at some point in the past.

It has a big presence on the wrist.

These chronographs

Considering the overall rarity,

You can ignore that fact.

The case is surprisingly modern and attractive.

This Angelus era

Exceptional design and manufacturing quality

There are very few watches that can compare.