What kind of watch is Omega's SUVERAN?

What does Omega Suberan mean?

Omega Suberan

If you are a fan of vintage Omega watches, you may already know about the model called Suberan.

In this article, we will explain the meaning of this plant.

To begin with, the Sveran model was made for Northern Europe, mainly Sweden, and, although this is a bit of a geeky topic, the Officer model was also made for Northern Europe.

So, what does this word "Suberan" mean?

"The best" or "the finest"

It means that · · ·

But the origin of this word is English.

In English, it is called (Sovereign), which means "king" or "highest" .

Omega Suberan case back

In short, the original English word was "sovereign," which became corrupted into "SUVERAN."

So these models made for the Nordic countries are targeted at the wealthy.

By the way, watches for the Nordic countries often have the word vattentat written on them, which means waterproof or water resistant, which is what we are familiar with.