Review of wearing the vintage Cartier Santos Galbee gadroon bracelet


This is Senoo from Vintage Watch Life 😊

I would like to write a report on my impressions of wearing Cartier's discontinued vintage Santos Galbee gadroon bracelet.

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Review of wearing the discontinued vintage Santos Galbee gadron bracelet

A photo of a vintage Cartier watch, the Santos Galbee, with a gadroon bracelet

This model is the Santos Galve, which was released around 1987 and is still popular today.

At that time, Cartier basically only made watches out of high-quality materials such as 18K yellow gold and white gold, and all of their watches were high-end.

However, around 1970, the company made a major change in policy and began using stainless steel as its material.

The Santos Galbe was a modern take on the classic Santos model.

Galvee means "curve" in French.

The new Santos that was born in 1978 was not given the name Galbe and was simply called "Santos", but the model that was born in 1987 had a curved case to fit the wrist, which is why it was named "Santos Galbe".

This model comes with a bracelet that is the "Godron Bracelet", which was only produced in the early stages.

Santos Galbe Godron Bracelet

Santos is famous for its screw-motif design, and the early bracelets featured three vertically oriented ridges like this one.

This belt was only produced in the early stages and is now out of production, making it a very rare belt.

The buckle is also different from modern buckles in that it opens in one direction.

Santos Galbe Godron bracelet with one-way opening buckle

Additionally, the buckle of this watch tapers gradually from the case, which was a result of incorporating the “ragspo” design that was popular at the time.

Today's Santos belts remain the same width all the way to the buckle, without tapering.

Impressions after wearing

A photo of someone wearing a Cartier watch, Santos Galbe

The Santos Galbe is a dress watch, so I tried pairing it with a jacket👍

This is an image of how it looks when worn by me, who has a wrist circumference of 17cm, so I hope it will be useful for people with a similar size.

It's not big compared to the Santos we have today.

The current models are available in 35mm and 40mm models, but the Santos Galve is 29mm, which feels smaller than the current models.

However, since I don't normally wear large watches, I felt it was just right.

The watch is not big, heavy, or thin, so it doesn't get in the way of your cuff and adds an elegant touch to your wrist.

That's the impression I got.

Cartier watch: Photo of a person wearing a vintage Santos Galbe

The charm of the Godron bracelet is that the three peaks in the center of the bracelet shine when exposed to light.

This is where the charm of dress watches and watches made during the luxury sports era are galore...

I was impressed.

If you like vintage Cartier, you'll love this.

Prices are rising every year on the second-hand market, so if you find one, I recommend you grab it as soon as possible.