Introducing the discontinued Cartier Tank American watch

To watch the video of the discontinued "Tank American", click here:

In this article, we will introduce some of the American models currently available from Cartier. Unfortunately, I will be focusing on "masterpieces that have been discontinued" and explaining them.

Also, the American version that is out of print was mostly aimed at men, so I think the content is more likely to be enjoyed by men.

Of course, there will be some discontinued ladies' items as well, so women will of course enjoy the watches, but if you are a gentleman looking for a cool Cartier watch, or a lady who likes American designs, we hope you will read through to the end and widen your range of watch choices.

This video explains the history and appeal of Americana in detail, so if you are interested, please watch this video as well.

Introducing the discontinued "American" masterpieces

Let's start by looking at the American models currently on sale.

Let's take a look at the current Tank American

Cartier Tank American current model

Looking at the current models, women have a wide range of choices, but men may find them lacking something.

So, does this mean that American cuisine only had these variations originally? Not true.

Until recently, there was a great deal of variation, and most of the models were geared towards men.

Now, let's take a look at some of the discontinued American models.


Cartier watch, discontinued Tank American XL size, yellow gold and white gold

The size is 5.2mm x 32mm

The XL is one size larger than the LM, and what makes the XL unique is that the back is see-through, allowing you to see the automatic movement.

Of course, since it is made for men, the size is larger, but at the same time, it is nice to know that the design understands that men are also attracted to movement.

Also, if you look at the dial, you will see that it is decorated with guilloche engraving, a technique that is only found on high-end watches.

Although the design is simple, this watch is the largest of all American watches, is sturdy and masculine, and has attention to detail, making it a square watch that men like to have in their wardrobe.

By the way, the XL size comes with a deployant buckle as standard.

If you don't know about deployant buckles, please watch this video:


Cartier watch, discontinued Tank American LM size, yellow gold and white gold

Dimensions are 45.1mm x 26.6mm

The LM size is available in stainless steel and pink gold in the current line, but unfortunately not in yellow gold.

The discontinued model was also available in 18K yellow gold and white gold, which add to its gorgeous look.

Also, among the models released at this time, the LM size included one with a diamond bezel.

Diamonds are often associated with women, but I think there are many men who also want these beautiful watches, and above all, diamonds on Cartier watches, which is originally a jewelry brand, have a different meaning than those of other brands.


Cartier watch, discontinued Tank American MM size, yellow gold and white gold

Size 41mm x 22.5mm

The MM size is classified as a boys' size, but the great thing about it is that it can be worn by both men and women.

As with the current line, the MM model will be equipped with an automatic movement.

The current line only comes in stainless steel and pink gold, but the previous lineup included 18K yellow and white gold.

For men with slimmer wrists or those who like smaller watches, it’s great that they offer a range of sizes that are just right for them.


Cartier watch, discontinued Tank American SM size, yellow gold and white gold

Size 35.0mm x 19.0mm

This is a size specifically for women, but the current line comes in stainless steel and pink gold, so if you are looking for a more subdued look, you can choose stainless steel, or if you want something more glamorous and different from others, you can choose pink gold.

The discontinued models were available in yellow and white gold, and even had diamonds set on top, so if you include the discontinued models, you have an even wider range to choose from.

Since the SM is made for women, it is equipped with a quartz movement, so it is nice that there is no need to wind the crown.

・Boys' model with small seconds and date display

Discontinued Cartier Tank Americaine small second and date display model in 18K yellow gold and white gold

Size 41.0mm x 24.0mm

This is a model that will suit both men and women.

It is almost the same size as the MM, but the diameter is 2mm larger than the MM, probably because it has a small second and date display.

Most models do not feature a small seconds hand, but this is in keeping with Cartier's pursuit of simplicity.

The design, which has been stripped down to as little unnecessary elements as possible, is also reflected in the absence of a second hand.

Considering these things, the combination of small seconds and a date display is a rare design for a brand like Cartier.

It is a special model born out of a current trend that is rarely seen these days, but since it is Cartier, it is well-balanced and well-made.

・Chronograph Reflex

Discontinued Cartier Tank American Chronograph Reflex 18K YG and WG

In the 2000s, Panerai's Luminor and Radiomir became extremely popular, and larger watches such as Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak and Patek Philippe's Nautilus began to be in demand on the market.

My guess is that the Reflex is probably a model created to fill that gap.

By the way, there is also a super-large model, the Ballon Bleu chronograph, which was released in the same era, but we will not go into detail about it here.

This watch was created against this backdrop, so it is quite large.

The size is 52.0 mm x 31.1 mm , almost the same as the XL.

Although this watch is classified as American, the design is quite different from the original American watch.

I feel that it is positioned more above luxury lines such as CPCP.

If you don't know much about CPCP, please watch this video:

Another nice point is that, like the LM, there are also models adorned with diamonds.

Looking at the dial, you will see the date at the 12 o'clock position, the 30-minute counter at the 3 o'clock position, the small second hand at the 6 o'clock position, and the 12-hour counter at the 9 o'clock position.

The fact that this is powered by an automatic movement rather than quartz proves that Cartier's movements are extremely well-crafted.


As many people may have already noticed, the previous model was released in 18K yellow and white gold, and the latest model comes in pink gold to fill that gap.

I like both large and small watches, but if I were to buy an American watch, I would like to have an XL or LM in either yellow or white gold in addition to stainless steel.

It's a rare square watch, but when it's crafted to this extent, it's like a man's dream that you just can't help but want to own it.

Unfortunately, the model I introduced today has already been discontinued and is becoming harder to find, but it is still easier to find than other older models, so I think the best way to make sure you don't miss out is to have it on hand when you want it.