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Have you heard of Gaudi Watch?

The world's first authentic Gaudi wristwatch has recently been completed in honour of the genius architect Gaudi from Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Construction work is still ongoing in Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia, Spain (photo is for illustrative purposes only).
The Sagrada Familia is the life's work of architect Gaudi.
Construction began in the early 20th century as a culmination of the project.
It seems that the time of completion, a question that no one could answer for a long time, is finally coming into sight.
There are eight towers in the center of the church, with countless windows in the tower walls.
The angle and direction in which the windows are open are all different.
That is Gaudi's wish for the people of Catalonia.
This comes from the desire to have everyone hear the church bells equally.

The Gaudi watch has a mesh pattern engraved on the bezel of the case.
It recreates Gaudi's vision for the Sagrada Familia.

Our chronograph specialist shop recommends this watch.
4 Reasons

Why do I recommend this watch?

This is because it meets the following four conditions:

1) Gaudi brand watches are very rare.
Officially accredited by Spanish public authorities

2) It meets the requirements of a genuine watch.
1. The material is durable
2. Limited production numbers
3. And it’s handmade.

3) The price is very reasonable
Compared to Swiss-made brand watches of the same class, this is 30 to 30 percent cheaper.
This is the result of the watch being assembled in Japan, which has reduced costs.

4) Easy to maintain;
The movement is an automatic made by ETA of Switzerland, and it is well-known for its ease of disassembly and cleaning. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

Watch case (stainless steel),
The dial is made in Japan.
The movement (automatic winding) is made by ETA of Switzerland.
The price is 500,000 yen (excluding tax).
There are two sizes of watches: Large = Men's 《42.50x34.40》,
Medium = unisex for men and women 《34.50x27.00》
Limited edition of 500 bottles (large and medium combined).

The current dial color is
Only two colors available in stock: white and black.

Gaudi watches come with a 5-year warranty and the watch case is water resistant to 100m.
This is a square model in this price range.
High-performance waterproof brands
I would say it’s hard to find.

Why was this watch created?

It was born from one man's "passion, pride, and conviction."
Yukio Yabunaka founded Million Watch 20 years ago, producing tens of thousands of inexpensive watches with original designs.
It dominated the market, and at that time, the country of Spain also asked them to design low-cost watches.
The design he created caught the eye of the Gaudi Association.
"If we were to make a watch named after Gaudi, we would be able to make one that lives up to the name."
As a result, the branding has received the seal of approval from the Gaudi Association of Spain.

When it came to commercializing the product, Yabunaka thought about this.
How can Gaudi's architectural philosophy be applied to a watch?
After much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that the construction has still not been completed since it began.
The eight towers in the center of the Sagrada Família, the Holy Family Church.
It was designed and constructed by the architect Antoni Gaudi over his lifetime.
It is a world-famous church building that was undertaken by
Of course, it is now a World Heritage Site.

The impression is like this watch.
The case is sturdy and precise.
Specifically, this is something that would not be possible with a conventional rectangular shape.
This translates into a waterproof rating of 100m.

Processing technology with a precision of 1/1000th of a millimeter

This was made possible by the Grand Seiko watch case.
The company, which has been manufacturing the products in Sukagawa, Fukushima Prefecture, and has maintained amazing quality.
Hayashi Precision Co., Ltd.'s technology proved to be of great value.

That alone makes it a watch that can be used for generations to come.
Water resistance is essential for a watch, especially in hot and humid regions like Japan.

The movement is an automatic made by Swiss ETA, the world's leading manufacturer in terms of both supply and quality.

This watch is now a worry-free item that requires no maintenance.

This is one of the recommended books for this summer.

(The deadline for accepting orders for this watch is July 31, 2017.)