Christmas Sale

We will be holding a "Christmas Sale"

Christmas Sale

Period 2022

From Monday, December 5th to Saturday, December 31st at 23:59


"Now that I think of it, I really wanted that."

If there is a watch that you have been keeping in your heart, why not take this opportunity to get it?

Wearing your favorite watch every day can lift your spirits just a little bit.

At some point, I looked at my watch and said to myself, "This is really cool..."

I can't help but say that, haha

Regarding the price

Any items that are already on sale will receive 10% off the sale price.

It's not 10% off the retail price.


・To customers paying by bank transfer or cash on delivery

The price at the time of ordering will remain the price listed in the shop, but when it comes time to pay I will contact you again with the sale price, so please pay for that amount.

・To customers paying by credit card

If you wish to pay by credit card, please contact us in advance by clicking on "Ask a question" on the product page to inform us of your intention to "purchase."

We will correct the amount as soon as we receive your contact.

Contact us from here

Customers who pay by any method other than bank transfer or cash on delivery will be charged an additional fee.

For example, if you purchase a product worth 400,000 yen by card, the total would normally be 360,000 yen with a 10% discount, but the 3.6% card payment fee will be added on top of the 360,000 yen.

Therefore, the card payment fee of 12,960 yen is added on, bringing the total to 372,960 yen.

News from our company For a good shopping experience

Compromises may seem like a good choice at the time, but over time you will regret it.

Try to remember.

Did you feel satisfied with the compromise you made?

"This 500,000 yen watch is so cool! But there is a similar watch that costs 100,000 yen, and it's a little different..."

In that case, buy a 500,000 yen watch.

If you are unsure about the price, you should buy it.

If the reason you're buying it is because it's cheap, then don't buy it.

Vintage Watch Life is an online shop where you can pay for value, not cheapness.

The more you chase cheapness, the less satisfaction you will feel from the decisions you make.

Especially vintage items,

Once in a lifetime encounter


If you think the product is "good!", it is definitely a great product and it was the right decision.

We appreciate your continued support of Vintage Watch Life.


Coupons and campaigns cannot be used together.

Sale may end without notice.