Top 5 Most Popular Chronograph Watch Brands - Explanation of the Chronograph Function

Ranking of vintage hand-wound chronograph watches

I think that most of the people looking at this site right now and looking to buy a watch are considering a chronograph watch.

This ranking will also be of great help when choosing your watch.

The most important thing is that the mechanical watch still works properly!!

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If you get the watch you want but it doesn't work,
It doesn't make sense, does it?

For that reason, it is important


It will be.

Of course, we guarantee that the watches we sell are in good condition.

Now, let's announce the ranking of the chronograph watches we carry!

1. Breitling

Image of Breitling, the number one ranked chronograph watch
Not only airline pilots, but also fighter pilots and small aircraft pilots
It is a brand that features the coveted chronographs, and boasts the best maintenance in the Swiss watch industry.

Breitling Japan's maintenance hall in Ginza, Studio Breitling, was built to serve as a model for Breitling after-sales service centers around the world.
The most fundamental factor when buying a watch is how the brand views maintenance.

There is a reason why Breitling is ranked first. It is because of the overwhelming support from customers. It is because Breitling is a specialized manufacturer of chronographs and makes the best watches. If you already have one, please consider buying a second one.

If you don't already have a Bratling, I highly recommend it.
I recommend the Navitimer!
Above all, it is packed with the essence of Breitling.
With a logarithmic slide rule, it looks just like a manual computer.

2. TAG Heuer

Chronograph watch ranking: Heuer Camaro (2nd place)
It is now the top brand in the LVMH watch division, led by Jean-Claude Biver, a leading figure in the Swiss watch industry.

A sister brand is Zenith, the maker of the El Primero.

Mr. Biver, who taught us at Blancpain and Hublot that people are an important element in watchmaking, what kind of revolution will he bring to TAG Heuer maintenance?

The recommended point of this watch is the case finish, which has a sporty look but is also delicate and well-thought-out.

Heuer Camaro (pre-Tag acquisition of Heuer)
TAG Heuer is an entry-level brand of Swiss luxury watches that every man wants to own at least once.
We often hear comments such as "The price is irresistible and matches the sporty yet luxurious look."
We will work with you to find the perfect model for your unique style.

3. Chronograph Switzerland

Chronograph Watch Ranking Chronograph Swiss Vintage Watches 3rd Place
This is the very essence of antique watches. A chronograph brand made in the 1940s and 1950s. They mainly used hand-wound movements made by Landeron, a movement specialist manufacturer at the time. The prices of their products were also cheaper than those of Valjoux.

Clock design had reached a state of near perfection by the 1940s.
In that sense, this brand is the origin of the chronograph.

Although "Watch" is translated as "watch," its original meaning is "to see" or "to pay attention to."
In French, the word for watch is "Montre", which originally means "to show".
In the end, a watch is just about telling time and showing off design.
So, let's go out on the town with Chronograph Swiss, a real Swiss watch that no one knows about.
And talk a lot.

4. Rolex

Chronograph watch popularity ranking Rolex vintage chronograph watch 18K 4th place

1940s Rolex Vintage (A Must-See Item)

It is the "king of watches" brand that everyone knows.

The Daytona, which was never available on the market, has now become a mirage.

People are running around searching for this model, but it seems like their efforts are in vain.

The Oyster series boasts a case design that has remained unchanged for decades. As the saying goes, "You can't find what you're looking for." Even if you go looking for it, this is the one brand that just won't let you find it.

However, I would recommend Daytona.

When it comes to buying a Rolex, we want you to be careful not to make a mistake when choosing the place to buy it.
Find a shop that is particular about using genuine parts even down to the last screw.
If you search around and still can't find a reliable store,
I believe our store will be of help to you.

5. Baume & Mercier

There was a time when it seemed as if it might block Rolex's path, but now it has quietly joined the Richemont Group, which also includes Cartier and Piaget, as a mid-range brand.
If the price and the condition of the watch match, it could be a great bargain.

The recommended model is the Capeland Chronograph Flyback Automatic, which uses an ETA caliber.
It is fitted with a Radio Pelle module. The original design was a reproduction of the elegant Baume & Mercier chronograph design from the 1940s. However, the latest models are 44 mm in diameter.

It is a traditional brand that was formerly called Baume Merci. Most Swiss watch brands are named after family members, such as Baume & Mercier. This Swiss masterpiece with an elegant Geneva scent is the most traditional watch brand among our top five recommendations.

Why do people love chronographs?

This is largely due to the design of the watch case.
I think people admire the beauty of what's inside a watch, that is, the movement.

The top 5 brands in this article store energy using only springs and gears.
It is a mechanical watch that is powered by this.

This structure has remained unchanged since the invention of the clock mechanism.
Clean energy is also a good choice when it comes to environmental health issues.

The function of the watch itself is a stopwatch.
The chronograph hands are stopped and started by the start button.
Have you noticed anything here?

At the start, the chronograph hand is delayed by a beat as if it is hesitant to start.
There is also a clock to start.

A notable example is the Omega Speed ​​with a Lemania manual-winding chronograph.
However, this is not a malfunction or anything.

This is a characteristic of pillar wheel chronograph movements.
When you press the start button, the cam and carrying arm separate and the hands begin to move.

The reason it doesn't work is
There may be cases where the chronograph hands slip and the start command is not transmitted smoothly.

On the other hand, there are also clocks that start with a click.
Blancpain chronographs are manufactured by Switzerland's leading general-purpose movement supplier
This is a Frederic Piguet caliber.

Caliber 1185 is one of the most prestigious chronographs in the Swiss watch industry.

Based on this, a chronograph with a split-second hand was created, which was the smallest in the world in terms of both diameter and thickness.

The chronograph occupies a very important position among mechanical watches.

There is a word called "masterpiece."
It literally means a masterpiece.

It has been approximately 500 years since humans first created palm-sized clocks.
It is said that its history can be divided into six masterpieces.
1. Ultra Slim (Proud of its thinness)
2 Moon Phases
3 Perpetual calendar
4 Chronograph
5 Tourbillon
6 Minute Repeater

So how does your collection consist?
Think about it based on these six masterpieces. The chronograph is the fourth masterpiece.
The 5 and 6 tourbillons and minute repeaters are in a class of their own.

It's not something that's easy to come by.

In that sense, chronographs are a great addition to your collection to help you understand watches.
It's a must at the top.

There are also chronograph-based complicated watches.
A complication is a watch that has two or more functions.

For example, the combination of a perpetual calendar and a chronograph is easy to understand.

Switzerland is particularly strong in this field, and recently Richard Mille has been using unprecedented materials.
A complex watch with a tourbillon and chronograph weighing just 20 grams.
The watch is on sale.

Complications can be created by the creator in a relatively short period of time.

It doesn't require much new design or anything like that.

Why is that?

The chronograph function is layered on top of the base movement.

It also has a perpetual calendar.

In other words, it is a two-story building.

The most complicated watch with a chronograph complication is
Blancpain announced the "1735" in 1997.
This is a super complication watch.

Flyback Function

The flyback function has now become a mere formality, with no practical meaning.

After the First World War, the importance of aircraft increased.
This function allows pilots of propeller planes in a formation to share time.

1. Stop
2. Reset (Return function)
3. Start

The chronograph is operated in this manner to accomplish the formation's mission of dropping the bomb after a certain number of seconds.

But some pilots are agile and some are not.

If there is a hesitation, the error could be a few seconds, depending on the speed of the plane, but let's say it's going at 60 kilometers per hour.
60 ÷ 3600 seconds = 160 m. It travels an amazing 160 meters in one second.

Therefore, please refrain from making any personal decisions regarding the operation of the watch.

1. Stop
2. Reset

With just one operation

3. If you press the reset button without pressing the start button, the hands will return to zero seconds at the same time.
The needle starts to measure.

I said, "Let's go, let's be on the same level."
That's about it.

The appeal of mechanical watches is immeasurable.
It's something you can't experience unless you get it.

This time, we have a full selection of hand-wound chronographs in particular.
The hands tick away freely over the intricately engraved indexes.

So why not take this opportunity to enjoy one of our recommended vintage chronographs?