The History of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

The Beginnings of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

Thanks to its ingenious inverted case, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

It has become one of the most famous models in the watchmaking industry.

It was introduced over 80 years ago and still remains true to its origins.

Reverso Ultra Thin 1984 Fabrique en Suisse

Grand Ultra Thin 1931 Pink Gold Chocolate Tone Dial

Just by looking at the actual models, you can see the connection between history and the present.

You will be able to understand.

The birth of Jaeger-LeCoultre's unique model

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Rebelt is a legend born from practical necessity.

In the early 1930s, polo players were watch dealers.

Cesar de Trey is looking for a watch that will stand the test of time even during the most intense polo matches.

I asked them to make a sturdy watch.

This request came from César de Trey to Jacques-David LeCoultre

It was sent.

He was a French engineer in charge of developing this new watch case.

René Alfred Chaubot was a soldier during World War I.

A mesh guard attached to the top of the watch, like those used on military watches.

I didn't use it. Instead, I got a fragile dial and

I designed a reversible case to protect the glass.

The manufacturer, LeCoultre, was founded on March 4, 1931.

"A watch that can rotate completely out of its frame"

The concept was patented.

Using grooves, pins and a locking mechanism, the central section of the case can rotate 180 degrees.

This is not only a practical structure but also an aesthetically elegant design.

Very casual and neat look, yet durable for sports purposes.

It has both a plain case back and a plain case back.

Success as a luxury sports watch

The production of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Rebelt begins immediately after the design is completed.

The Geneva-based company Wenger was responsible for manufacturing the cases.

The dial design is based on the geometric shapes of Art Deco.

It requires minimal indexing and simple hands.

The first Reverso, as seen in the modern Grande Reverso 1931 Re-Edition,

It was a hand-wound movement with a small second hand located at the 6 o'clock position.

The Reverso has been a huge success for LeCoultre, with the help of some famous wearers.

A full collection has been developed.

Polo players, skiers and racing drivers wear the Reverso

It was the first luxury sports watch to become popular.

The longevity of the Reverso is no surprise, given its two-sided design.

A variety of unique sculptures, new complex mechanisms and many special editions

It was also the impetus to create it.

Huge collection

The collection currently features a manual winding movement with a stunning see-through case back.

The larger, more masculine Grand Reverso 976, measuring 30mm x 48.5mm,

The Reverso Classic is the only quartz watch in the men's collection.

It contains.

From simple GMT functions to grand complications,

The Reverso was released, equipped with every imaginable complication.

For example, the Reverso Grande Date has a day/night indicator and a big date display on the front.

It features a second time zone on the back, GMT functionality and an 8-day power reserve.

The Reverso Grand Sun Moon has an 8-day power reserve indicator,

It was also equipped with the manually wound caliber 873.

The front displays the moon phase and day/night indicator.

The sapphire case back reveals the manual winding movement.

The jewels and blue screws represent the sky.

Most Reversos have a manual winding movement.

The collection includes the Caliber 970, a date display function, GMT function,

There is also a Grand Automatic available with a day/night indicator.

In 1994, Jaeger-Lecorte introduced the Reverso Duoface.

It has one movement, calibre 854/1, with two dials, one on each side.

It can display two different time zones and has a day/night indicator.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Reverso, Jaeger-Lecorte has named the watch after a square.

The brand "Squadra" collection has been announced.

With a sporty and large case size of 50.5mm x 34.0mm,

The collection highlights the polo's roots, with day/night indicators,

Squadra Home Time, a GMT watch equipped with the automatic caliber 977,

Equipped with automatic caliber 754, it has a second time zone and big date display.

Squadra Chronograph GMT and the back of the titanium case

Squadra World Chronograph, a limited edition with a world time display

It consists of three parts:

One watch, three dials

The concept of one watch with two faces is extremely rare.

However, the Reverso Grand Complication Triptyque

Going beyond that concept, we introduced three dials.

It's an incredibly complex display that took four years to develop.

This Reverso boasts three dials: "normal" time, sidereal time, and a perpetual calendar.

An exceptional watch. The movement of this grand complication is

It has 19 indicators across three dials and is made up of 642 components.

The Grand Complication Triptych is limited to 75 pieces.

It comes with an impressive price tag of 335,000 euros.

Towards a new legend

To celebrate its 175th anniversary, Jaeger-Lecorte has created a square Reverso case

The Gyrotourbillon was introduced, the first time a spherical tourbillon was featured.

The tourbillon consists of an outer cage that rotates once per minute and an inner cage that rotates once every three minutes.

It shows a unique movement.

While leaving room for the enjoyment of looking at the movement or for creating your own engraving

A timeless design with an elegant dial and the famous inverted case.

In 2011, Reverso celebrated its 80th anniversary with a model that perfectly embodied this tradition.

Highlights of the anniversary collection include the 1931

A reissue of the original model and a technically unique minute repeater

Includes the Reverso Repetition Minute à Rideau.

With these works, Jaeger-Lecorte has demonstrated his ability to create cult classics.

And it demonstrated that the "Reverso legend" is alive and well.

Even with the wide variety of shapes and complex displays,

The Reverso will never lose its original charm.