Mechanical watch movements by Swiss luxury watch brand Piaget

Piaget, the luxury manufacturer

In 1874, Georges Piaget

He established the "Atelier de la Côte à Phase".

It is well known here

High precision watch movements are born.

In 1911,

He is the son

To Timothée Piaget

Hand over the company.

1943 is a historic year for the company.

It made a big difference.

Based on the company's experience and success,

With founder Jared

Valentin Piaget's grandchildren

They decided to protect Piaget as a trademark.

From this point on, the company's creations

It began to sign itself.

This is not just about the movement,

This also applies to keeping a watch.

In 1945,

Due to increased demand in La Côte-aux-Fées,

Newer, more modern facilities have been built.

In 1957,

Only 2mm high

It is a famous ultra-thin hand-wound watch.

Caliber 9P is introduced.

In the same year

The first edition of Emperadora

It has been released.

This is the brand

It is one of the best known models.

In 1959,

Piaget in Geneva

I opened a jewelry store.

In 1961,

First foreign branch

German Piaget Limited

Founded in Offenbach.

A well-crafted flat watch movement

This is the brand's specialty,

Have a voracious creativity in your work

Encouraging watchmakers.

In 1960

A revolutionary automatic movement was created.

The height of this caliber 12P is

It's only 2.3mm.

The design breakthrough

Creating extravagant and colorful models

Both dates back to the early 60's.

In 1982,

Piaget developed the hand-wound caliber 20P.

In 1983

Caliber 25P was developed.

In 1986,

They finally

Permanent calendar movement

It was created.

As part of the quartz revolution of the 1970s,

Piaget was founded in 1976

The thinnest quartz movement 7P

We developed it.

First in 1979

The sporty model Polo was introduced.

This would later become one of the pillars of the model range.

In 1980,

Yves Piaget was

He took over the management of the company.

Piaget is not only known for its unique style,

It is also impressive with many bestsellers.

Not just in the jewelry department,

Watches and clocks

It is located at the top end of the luxury class.

In 1988,

Piaget is

Cartier Monday Group

I entered, but

Yves Piaget was the president.

In 1993,

Piaget with Cartier

Merged with the Lindmont Group

It has joined the Vendôme Luxury Group.

New investments and new models

Over the past 10 years,

Piaget is committed to developing its in-house expertise

I've made a lot of investments.

In 2008

There are 17 calibrations in total.

It was being developed.


Plan-les-Ouates in Geneva (opened in 2001) and

Located in La Côte-aux-Fées in Neuchâtel

Two major production facilities are expanding.

on the other hand,

All Piaget mechanical watches are

It is powered by an in-house manufactured movement.

Also, women's watches

The proportion of mechanical movements

Increased has.

Until now, mainly

It was powered by a quartz movement.

What is the key role of the current men's collection?

The famous Polo series,

Altiplano and Emperadora

It is working fine.

The Altiplano is

Ultra-thin hand-wound model in round housing

It features an elegant and simple dial.

Emperadora is

Unusual shapes (square or rectangular) and

It also has a luxurious appearance.

In 2008,

Emperador Cushion Perpetual Calendar

Using two time zones

It is one of the more complicated movements.

The first permanent calendar

What I proudly display

It was manufactured.

Other watch brands include:

Black tie, dancer, upstream,

Tradition, Limelight,

There is a mistake in protocol, a possession.

Equipped with automatic caliber 504P

For the upstream model

The folding clasp is integrated into the case.

Innovative design and contemporary architecture

It reminds me of that.

Caliber System

Note on caliber designation: "4" is manual winding, "5" is automatic.

The 400P is a hand-wound movement with date and seconds,

The 500P is the corresponding automatic movement.

The 410P and 510P have a central second without a date,

The 420P has a date without central seconds,

The 430P/530P does not have date and seconds.

The 430P is no longer being built

Can be replaced with 9P.


Because it's gamed.

1874: The Beginnings of Piaget

A small village in the Swiss Jura

In La Cote-aux-Fées

Georges Edouard Piaget

Decades Later

Luxurious and wonderful

A rare find in the world of watchmaking

The iconic first strokes have been drawn.

In 1874,

He is on the family farm.

The first workshop started

To be able to start supplying luxury brands immediately

We focused on high-precision movements.

The business developed very quickly.

And Piaget's reputation

The mountain peaks around Neuchâtel

It has spread far beyond that.

This is his amazing movement.

It grew out of the desires of those who already recognized it,

His workshop grew.

Georges Edouard's son

Timothy Piaget is

He took over the business in 1911.

Same commitment to quality and success as my father

It showed demand and passion.

And so Piaget's

A healthy and strong foundation was born.

1943: The brand was born

Entrepreneurial spirit, willingness to take risks,

And the desire for glory,

Clearly in Piaget's DNA

It was written down.


In 1943, the company was founded as a company vital to its future.

So we made the decision to register the brand.

since then,

Made in La Côte-aux-Fées

The movement is manufactured by

Crafted with meticulous attention to aesthetics and technical performance,

Signed with your own name

We produced watches.

This business revival

Gerald and

He is the grandson of the founder

Valentin Piaget

Thanks to that it was done.


Beginning the geographic expansion of the brand

It has gained international recognition.

Orders flooded in,

Production capacity was being operated at full capacity.


Although the workshop had been modernized,

We could no longer meet the demand.


In 1945, Piaget acquired new equipment.

It was constructed.

Also, we will soon be entering the ultra-thin movement field.

New developments have been made.

1957 The Ultra-Thin Revolution

Piaget remains faithful to its pioneering spirit.

Making a lasting impression on the world of watchmakers,

Becoming one of the company's "symbols"

Designing an ultra-thin movement,

I started building it.

In 1957

The manufacturer is 2mm thick.

The famous ultra-thin

Manual winding caliber 9P


In 1960,

Furthermore, Piaget

The world's thinnest automatic movement

Caliber 12P was released.

It was only 2.3mm thick.

This infinitesimal learning is

Simply unusual technical capabilities

It wasn't an expression.

These two mechanical calibrators

Its successor is

It is thin and compact,

Ultra-thin profile, generously sized dial,

Coin watches, case shapes, etc.

of all kinds of bold creative ideas

By exploring possibilities,

Piaget designer

It gave me a whole new perspective.

The production is

A place in the history of modern watchmaking

By developing a number of projects,

We made the most of these opportunities.

1964 Piaget's great success

Ultra-thin mechanical movement

Piaget's advantages are:

Among Swiss watchmakers

It has achieved a special status.

Boldness and creativity

Raising it to the first place,

By mastering this specialization,

It has become hugely popular.

These successes

Increase Piaget's international recognition

Great watchmaking and

In the world of precision machining

It was going to boost the brand.

In the 1960s,

The company is based in Geneva.

Some goldsmiths

By purchasing a workshop,

Strengthening production control

I reaffirmed my thoughts.

Features a dial made of solid stone

After announcing the world's first watch,

Piaget became a symbol of precious watchmaking

With the launch of the cuff watch

Once again it was successful.

Creativity and differentiated expression,

It has become a symbol of the Piaget style.

The Piaget brand

It influenced the public at large.

And this was just the beginning.

1979 Global Recognition

Brands are not the "standard" for creativity.

A fresh and spontaneous approach to the arts

We have to prove it.

Perhaps more than any other company,

Piaget has a bold, innovative new vision.

Pushing the limits of watchmaking expertise

By giving a boost

I took on this challenge.

For Piaget,

Boldness is asserting its independence,

It means dealing with its subtleties with finesse.

In addition, we have introduced our own model,

It's meant to stand the test of time.

In 1979,

Piaget Polo watch launched.

It is from the classical style

Not deviating enough

As an avant-garde

It quickly became an icon.

It is a legendary model

Piaget Polo is

To the brand

With a new international dimension

It helped to give it global recognition.

The bracelet is perfectly integrated with the case.

This watch is available for the first time.

Sophisticated beauty and technical sophistication

A kind of specialized technology that combines

It is being shown.

This dual characteristic

Not only does it guarantee success,

Adopted by the international jet set

A new way of thinking about watches

To prove that it was introduced,

It will be a little later.

1990 Captivating Brand

To meet the rapidly growing demand,

Manufactured in La Côte-aux-Fées

Caliber 430P and 500P

By developing a new movement line

The mechanical movement has been strengthened.

These are the ultra-thin

A history of misrepresenting Piaget's reputation

Ultra-thin 9P and 12P movements

It has been replaced.

In 1998,

Given this wide range of mechanical movements,

Piaget is

Pure and classic

Based on the elegant vintage 1957 model

Piaget launches the ultra-thin Altiplano watch.

Most sophisticated in 1999

It is a mechanical movement

Piaget Emperador

Line was introduced.

All these watches

Inspired by the brand's rich historical heritage,

Strong and clear

It is re-presented in a contemporary way.

A deep sensitivity to the Piaget tradition

Movement expertise is accepted

A monument to a legend that eloquently explained the history of time.

St. Mark's Square

Torre dello Rogio

A partner in repair

For the city of Venice

It was a natural choice.

2001 A Permanent Vision

To keep up the pace of success,

In 2001, just outside Geneva

In Plan-les-Ouates

Manufacture of new luxury watches Piaget

It has been opened.

This incident occurred

The company had already implemented this in the 1960s.

It was the beginning of a forward-thinking integration strategy.

This high-performance facility

Reorganizing both watchmaking and jewelry crafts,

The movement is made

In La Cote-aux-Fées

It complements the historic buildings.

At the same time, Piaget

We continued to invest in research and development.

In just 10 years,

Including the most prestigious horological complications,

Especially the tourbillon,

Dual Time Zone Flyback Chronograph,

Perpetual calendar etc.

Around 30 new movements were created.

on the other hand,

For jewelry watches

Given an innovative concept,

The natural brilliance of diamonds

It made it even more exciting.

These masterpieces are

All in perfect harmony with Piaget's innovative creativity.

The founder's motto is

"Always better than necessary"

This emphasizes the following.

Always better than necessary

Released in 1960

The famous caliber 12P

To celebrate our 50th anniversary,

Piaget is the pioneer of ultra-thin movements

Once again, they demonstrated their unique expertise.

In 2010,

The world's thinnest automatic movement

The thinnest automatic watch

By setting up dual recording,

The company praised itself.

Two years later,

Building on the success of 2012,

They released a skeletonized version of this same movement,

The fascinating technology of openwork

Cleverly explored.

This technical and aesthetic masterpiece

It represented a new double record for the company.

The latter

In the demanding field of ultra-thin watchmaking

Pursuing new challenges

Dedicated to horological elegance

It starts with the most important issue.

This philosophy is

Always pushing the boundaries of ultra-slimness,

In 2013, the company began production of ultra-thin watches.

It's bringing about great achievements.

This new 1290P caliber is

It is only 4.8mm thick,

Despite the 407 different parts,

Within that category

It holds the record for thinness.

A breathtaking number of works

Without the slightest concession to sound or technical reliability.

This achieves outstanding miniaturization.

Piaget is fully integrated

Utilizing a wide range of expertise,

In jewellery and watchmaking

More technology and design than ever before

It's fused together.