Zenith vintage men's hand-wound watch made for women

My encounter with Zenith hand-wound watches

Zenith Watches

Zenith watches are well known among men, but not so well known among women.

I had heard the name before, but it wasn't a watch I was particularly interested in.

It's true that ZENITH has a limited number of models for women.

There are chronographs that men like, even among ladies.

It's a multi-functional item with three different colors, and it just has a very strong image of being for men.

However, in September 2016, the ladies' "ELITE" model was released.
When I saw it in person, I was impressed by its simplicity and the 36mm
I was instantly enthralled by this watch with its large case.
Zenith Watches Elite

・ZENITH Elite Lady Moon Face Case 36mm Automatic winding at 28,800 vibrations per hour

The only drawback is the diamonds on the bezel.
This jewelry has a negative image for me.

Recently, you often see women wearing large case watches on the streets.

Luxury brands such as Hermes (Apple Watch) and Chanel J12 watches are
There are ladies' models available with larger cases.

That's right.

This simple watch with a large case gives off a subtle sense of individuality and individuality.
It gives off a stylish feel and looks really cool.

To be honest, when it comes to everyday use, it's more eye-catching and attractive than a luxury jewellery watch.

So, a watch with a large case like this Zenith Elite Lady without diamond decoration,
Simpler casual and business styles for everyday use
I wanted a watch that had both.

It was at that time that I came across a vintage Zenith hand-wound watch.

Vintage Zenith Watches

・Vintage Zenith Men's Case width 36mm Mechanical (Hand-wound)

The simple and calm face goes perfectly with the pink gold bezel.

The blue second hand adds a stylish accent to this hand-wound watch.

And what's more, the case width of this men's hand-wound watch is 36mm.

To begin with, the new Zenith Elite Lady is large,

It's exactly the watch I wanted.

I never thought I'd find it vintage.

Surprisingly, vintage Zenith men's watches are not just chronographs.

There were many ordinary mechanical watches, but of course I was interested in the product in the picture above.

I liked it at first sight and decided to buy it.

So while I was waiting for the product to arrive, I did a little research on Zenith's hand-wound watches.

I would like to introduce it briefly here.


The "star" mark is a trendy mark of Zenith.
This is because the brand name "Zenith" means the zenith.
Inspired by the image of a star shining at the zenith,
It is said that the name was chosen with the hope that the brand would shine.

Zenith, the watch brand that embodies such aspirations, was founded in 1865.
From the time Georges Favre-Jacot founded the watch company to the present day,
It is a long-established watch brand with over 150 years of history.

In the social studies class of the upper grades of elementary school, we learned about the word "manufacture" in the history of the watch industry.
It is said that the first person to achieve this was Georges Favre-Jacot.

By the way, manufacturing is not about gathering workers in one place and having one person carry out multiple manufacturing processes.
It is a manufacturing method in which a large number of people are gathered to carry out each process, thereby increasing work efficiency and production.

In a word, it is "in-house integrated production".

This allows the brand to have its own unique personality.

Zenith is one of the few watch brands that still designs and manufactures its movements in-house.

The Elite Zenith model is the name of the movement.

Being able to give model names to movements is something that can only be achieved by producing in-house.

We still manufacture the most precise mass-produced movements in the world.

Zenith Vintage Hand-wound Watches

Vintage Zenith Watches

This is a vintage Zenith hand-wound watch that I got.

The size of the case is perfect, and the numbers on the dial are all even numbers (I wonder why there is no 6?).

The font of the numbers is also cute.

What's surprising is how thin and light the movement is.

Modern Zenith movements are extremely thin at 3.97mm, and this vintage movement doesn't seem to be much different.

And overall it looks like a pinkish gold.

The pink and black belt are a good match, so I would like to say I am very satisfied with it,

The belt is secured in place with the hole at the very back, but when I rest my elbows on the desk, it slips off.

The best watch strap is one that is just loose enough to fit a pencil, so this is too loose.

Even if you make a hole in the belt, the end of the belt will be visible right there, so

It looks like a borrowed watch.

However, that was expected, so I decided to change the belt.

In the summer, leather belts absorb sweat and deteriorate faster.

A rubber belt might be a good idea.

Zenith genuine rubber strap

Zenith genuine rubber strap

Zenith is a manufacture, but that only applies to watches.

The leather straps are outsourced, just like Piaget.

Then, something suddenly occurred to me.
Zenith is part of the LVMH group.
(The group of four major watch makers: Hublot, Zenith, and Louis Vuitton)

Maybe a Louis Vuitton rubber or leather strap would suit it?

Since they're both part of the same group, it would probably be fine for them to both wear Louis Vuitton belts.

Zenith has taught Vuitton a lot of its movement know-how.

Vuitton watch strap

I can't say you can take it to Louis Vuitton and exchange it, but if it's a watch shop,
They will assist you.

Zenith has only two stores in Japan where you can order Zenith watch straps.

However, there is a four-month waiting period for ordered items.

It comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, and alligator is the only leather that can be ordered.

Zenith genuine leather strap

At Zenith stores, genuine leather straps are around 40,000 yen for alligator straps and 27,000 yen for rubber straps.
You can purchase it at.

Since Zenith also outsources its products, it might be a good idea for individuals to order from a high-end leather strap store.

Jean Rousseau and others have produced leather straps for the Apple Watch and custom straps for Zenith.

They are also well known as a partner of luxury watch brands and have stores throughout the country.

In addition, Camille Fournet, a luxury watch strap manufacturer founded in France in 1945,

In 1992, Camille Fornet Japon Co., Ltd. was established, and the company now offers handmade products for both individual orders and purchases.

They will make watch straps for you.

This shop creates one-of-a-kind pieces for haute couture orders.

Of course, we partner with famous luxury watchmakers to produce leather straps.

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of leather materials available.

There are even watch straps covered in satin.

In addition, the shop's atelier even repairs leather straps, providing comprehensive maintenance services.

Camille Fournet watch strap

Camille Fournet watch strap

Having several watch straps and rotating them will extend the life of your watches.

Just by changing the strap, the look of the watch can change completely.

I think this vintage watch has changed its appearance many times.

So I too am looking forward to enjoying the look of this watch for a long time to come.

To enjoy both casual and business styles for everyday use,

You also need to change your watch.

This time, since it's summer, I chose the genuine black rubber strap.

Next time, I would like to introduce this newly designed vintage Zenith.

Please look forward to it.

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