How different are the Tank Louis Cartier and the Tank Louis Extra Flat?


This is Senoo from Vintage Watch Life 😊

Cartier watches come in a variety of sizes, but generally speaking, for men, the LM size of the Tank Louis would be a good choice.

However, there are even larger sizes, and I created this article to show you just how big they are.

Here we compare the Tank Louis Cartier and the Tank Louis Extra Flat, so please use this as a reference for when to wear them.

Now, let me explain.

How different are the sizes of the Tank Louis Cartier and the Extra Flat?

The Difference Between Tank Louis Cartier and Tank Louis Extra Flat

The one on the left is the Extra Flat XL size, and the one on the right is the Tank Louis Cartier LM size.

As you can see from the image, the extra flat version is significantly larger.

Here is the actual measurement:

Extra Flat XL = 35mm x 40mm

Tank Louis Cartier LM = 23.2mm x 31mm

As you can see, the extra flat is about two sizes larger.

Now let's see how it actually feels on your wrist.

What does it actually feel like to wear it on your wrist?

Comparison photo of Tank Louis Cartier and Extra Flat when actually worn

The photo was taken by me, and my wrist circumference is around 17cm.

At this point, you can see that the Extra Flat is much larger.

So, if you wear a large watch like a Rolex and are considering a watch from another brand, such as Cartier, you will probably be unsatisfied unless it is an extra flat XL size.

When viewed as a dress watch, the Extra Flat does seem a bit large.
(This is my impression, as my wrist is 17cm, so I think it would fit better on people with larger wrists.)

The Tank Louis has a case diameter of 23mm, so it has a subtle presence on the wrist and hand, while still exuding elegance and sophistication.

It looks like a beautiful watch.

However, the extra flat model didn't feel as big as its 34mm x 40mm dimensions suggested.

An image showing how thin Extra Flat is

Side comparison of the Tank Louis Cartier and the Extra Flat: Image showing how thin it is

As you can see from the image, it is extremely thin, so it fits well on your wrist and gives you a sense of unity with the watch.


Either model remains a great watch.

The designs are almost the same, so I guess preferences differ depending on the size.

Here is a brief explanation of the two models we have introduced.

Tank Louis Cartier PARIS dial

Tank Louis Cartier PARIS dial

Tank Louis Extra Flat

A brief introduction to the Tank Louis Extra Flat Ref. 3280


After comparing the two sizes, I realized that the Tank Louis Cartier was the one I chose best.

If you like large watches, wearing one will lift your spirits, and most importantly, your days spent wearing it will be wonderful.

However, not everyone likes large watches, and many people want to wear the watch that fits best relative to their wrist size.

I think that for such people, models such as the Tank Louis LM size would be a good fit.

Now I enjoy wearing it every now and then, matching it with a jacket like this.

A photo of the manager of Vintage Watch Life wearing a Tank Louis Cartier watch