What's so appealing about the Tank Louis Cartier extra-flat?

The Tank Louis Cartier as we know it today is a simple Tank, a rectangular model as we imagine it.

However, in fact, from the 1960s to the 2010s, there was a model derived from the Tank Louis called the Tank Louis Cartier Extra Flat.

Here, we will explain in detail the appeal and features of Extraflat.

What is the Extra Flat model?

An image showing the thinness of the Tank Louis Cartier Extra Flat

This term is also used by Piaget and Audemars Piguet, so any watch enthusiast will immediately recognize that extra-flat means "extremely thin."

Because the watch is so thin, the movements are inevitably thin as well, and the Extra Flat is characterized by being equipped with the thinnest movements of each era.

The first model, released in the 1970s, featured the thin movement Cal. by Jaeger-LeCoultre, which also supplied movements to Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet. It was equipped with a P838.

1960s Cartier Extra Flat with Jaeger-LeCoultre Movement

Later, in 1988, Cartier joined the Richemont Group, giving it greater access to technology from other companies in the group.

One of the groups was the ebauche manufacturer Frédéric Piguet, and the watch was equipped with the Cal. 21 movement made by this company.

1990s Tank Louis Cartier Extra Flat

Next is the 2017 model, which was announced at SIHH along with another model, the "Anglaise," and is equipped with the Cal. 430MC.

Tank Louis Cartier Extra Flat XL Size 2017 Model

As those of you who have read my articles know, MC stands for Manufacture Cartier, and refers to movements that are designed and manufactured in-house.

This movement is also used in recent models that require thinness, such as the current Santos-Dumont and the discontinued Drive de Cartier.

About the movement installed

Cartier Cal.430MC

The movement is derived from Piaget, a manufacturer with immense expertise in designing ultra-thin movements.

The 430MC movement is extremely thin, with a movement height of only 2.1mm.

That said, that doesn't mean the movement is weak, as it has an amazing power reserve of 43 hours.

The everyday ritual of "winding" the movement to power it brings enjoyment and contributes to the charm of this watch.

To achieve the aesthetic look of the Tank Louis Cartier Extra-Flat, a thick automatic movement would not be possible, so the Cal. 430MC is the ideal movement.

It goes best with formal attire, but even if you're wearing casual clothing with a jacket, it will add a nice accent to make you stand out.

The Tank Louis Cartier Extra Flat is not only a luxury variation of the Tank, but also a piece that can be worn every day, its coolness, elegance and sophistication making it suitable for both weekdays and weekends.