What does the commonly seen Patek Philippe model number 3796 stand for?

When looking at Patek Philippe watches, you often see models with the model number 3796, but when you look at the actual watch, you will find that there are many subtle differences, such as some with additional letters after 3796 or a different design.

So, in this article we will be looking at what the number 3796 represents.

I will explain this very simply.

What is the Patek Philippe 3796 series?

The Patek Philippe reference number 3796 denotes a model in the Calatrava series.

Calatrava is a type of wristwatch with a simple and elegant design that was introduced by Patek Philippe in 1932 and is characterized by its flat bezel.

The 3796 is a model released in 1982, and all of the models are equipped with automatic movements.

The model number 3796 has the following meaning:

・3: Calatrava series

7. Automatic movement

・96: Case size (37mm)

The 3796 model is available in a variety of variations depending on the case material, dial color, and more.

Below are some representative models.

・3796J: 18K yellow gold case, silver dial

・3796G: 18K white gold case, silver dial

・3796R: 18K rose gold case, rose gold dial

・3796A: Stainless steel case, silver dial

The 3796 is a classic Patek Philippe model and is extremely popular.

Although it has a simple design, its luxurious appearance is loved by a wide range of people.