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Enjoy the Scenery with the Breitling Navitimer Belt

Among the Brightening models, many men who wear the Navitimer are fashion conscious.

In addition, men who use different styles depending on the situation are quite advanced fashion experts.

The combined effect of Brightning's Navitimer and belt plays an important role in creating a stylish and cool style that is seen by both men and women.

Please use this as a reference for your stylish self.

・Metal bracelet type
model Navitimer AB012012/with serial number
Case: Size Width 43mm
Case: Material Stainless steel/copper
Case: Crystal Scratch and abrasion resistant sapphire crystal
Movement Chronometer Brightening Caliber 01
function Chronograph, automatic mechanical winding, slide function
Dial Black/Silver with sub-dial function Date
Bezel Right and left rotation specifications/stainless steel
Belt: Material Stainless Steel Metal Bracelet
Features Luminous hand markers/screw back case

"Navitimer x 7-link metal band bracelet"

The metal band, which is made up of seven rows of small parts, fits comfortably on a man's thick wrist.

Because the parts are small, there is no unpleasant feeling of tightness when wearing them.

The strap alone is quite unique, but the black dial and silver go together perfectly.

It can be used for a wide range of styles, from suits to formal styles.
model Navitimer Montbrillant Legend A23340
Case: Size Width 47mm Weight 218g
Case: Material Stainless steel
Case: Crystal Scratch and abrasion resistant sapphire crystal
Movement Automatic mechanical winding
function Chronograph Slide Function
Dial Dark brown/in-dial/date/core dial
Bezel Right and left rotation specifications/stainless steel
Belt: Material Stainless Steel Metal Bracelet
Features Case back: Unit conversion scale marking

"Navitimer x 7-link metal bracelet"

They are both 7-link metals, but can you tell the difference?

The watch case is made large to fit comfortably on the wrist.
This curve fits snugly around the wrist. The case width of 47mm is quite large.

It is quite heavy, which gives it a sense of solidity.

The three parts connecting the case and belt are angled more than the product above, making them less noticeable.

Therefore, the watch part peeking out from the wrist is very noticeable. If the watch is highlighted to this extent, it can create a sense of luxury even with a casual style, so it can be worn in any situation.

・Leather belt type
model Navitimer 01/AB012012-BB01-435X-A20BA.1
Case: Size Width 43mm Thickness 14.5mm
Case: Material stainless
Case: Crystal Resistant sapphire crystal
Movement Chronograph/Brightening Caliber 01
function Automatic mechanical winding
Dial Black/Analog/White dial/Mile/Kilometer display
Bezel Right and left rotation specifications/stainless steel
Band: Material leather
Bandwidth 22mm length men's standard

"Navitimer x leather strap in two colors" Case size 43mm

These two belts have such a different look that it's hard to believe they have the same face.

Leather straps are vulnerable to sweat and water and require frequent maintenance, but by using two straps, the natural luster and texture of the leather will gradually blend in, giving the strap a vintage feel.

It's definitely more stylish than brand new leather. The classic feel is captivating.

A black belt is perfect for business situations, while a brown belt is perfect for casual wear.

The dial and subdials, housed in a 43mm case size, are stylish.

Wearing a suit with a leather strap can make you look older, but the Navitimer x leather strap combination covers that up and makes you look even more stylish.

・Enjoy your hobbies with this unique cloth belt
model Brightening Aviastar Chronograph
Case: Size Width 41.5mm Thickness 16mm
Case: Material stainless
Case: Crystal Sapphire crystal
Movement Brightening Caliber 13
function Chronograph Automatic mechanical winding
Dial Black/Silver with in-dial function
Bezel Right and left rotation specifications/stainless steel/black
Belt: Material Genuine cloth belt
Year Late 1990s, discontinued, only produced for 2 years

"Navitimer x cloth belt"

This style is just like an Air Force pilot.

Cloth belts look really cool when worn by stylish, outdoor-oriented men.

Unlike leather belts, it is durable even with a little sweat. It is the best combination when you want to enjoy a unique style or when you are in a fashionable and rebellious scene such as sports.

Metal belts have a smart appeal due to their "stylish and luxurious" feel, while leather belts bring out the style with their "individuality and luxury".

That's the impression I get. Either way, the Brightening Navitimer is a watch that can bring out the individuality and style of the strap, so you can enjoy the style that suits you.