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Brightening 100% Chronometer

Brightening has declared it a 100% chronometer.

Now, do you understand the meaning of this word?

"Chronometer" is a word that is not commonly known

Some people mistake it for a chronograph with a stopwatch function.

The term "chronometer" was first coined in 1951 in Switzerland, a country famous for its watch movement manufacturing.

This title can only be awarded to watches that meet the strict standards set by the Watchmaking Association.

Therefore, models that are certified as chronometers are certified by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry.

This means that the watch is officially recognized as a first-class watch.

* Only 3% of watches made in Switzerland are officially certified, making it a considerable challenge.

That is why Brightening has declared itself a 100% chronometer.

To those knowledgeable about watches and those involved in the industry, the story sounded unbelievable.

How difficult it is to have the same brand and all of its products have the same chronometer.

So why did Brightening make this declaration?

They have already produced many first-class watches that are comparable to chronometers.

I'm sure there are many people who think this way.

Declaring a 100% chronometer is quite unusual in the industry,

That doesn't mean the brightening movement has suddenly changed everything.

With this aspiration, which symbolizes our 100-year-long commitment to watch quality,

We will continue to refine our quality philosophy and deliver high-quality products to the world.

As a sign of determination, Brightening is a declaration of resolve,

He made this declaration.