What kind of model is Cartier's discontinued model "Premust Tank"?

What kind of watch is the Premast Tank?

If you're a fan of Cartier watches, you've probably heard of the Premust Tank, but what exactly makes it different and what makes it so good?

I think most people don't really understand this.

So, here I will explain in detail about the pre-mast tank.

First of all, the reason it's called a "pre" is that the mast tank we know is the commonly recognized mast tank, but prior to that a prototype or pilot model was sold for a short period of time.

That's why it's popular because it's rare and cool.

Now, please take a look at the image below.

Comparison of Cartier watches "Pre-Must Tank" and "Must Tank"

The left side is the "Pre-Must Tank" and the right side is the "Must Do Tank".

The Pre-Mast Tank has a bullet-shaped crown and is closer in design to the Tank Louis Cartier.

Pre-mast tank - image showing the bullet-shaped crown

Also, the word "must de" does not appear on the dial.

Both pieces are made from 925 sterling silver with 20M yellow gold vermeil on top.

Differences between American and European pre-mast tanks

Pre-mast tank side

Cartier opened branches in London and New York in the early 1900s, each of which continued to operate independently until the 1970s.

Among them, Cartier watches that were said to have been made in the United States seem to have been a little different, and there are watches that have a mixture of both Cartier-like and non-Cartier elements.

Pre-mast tanks also come in American and European versions, with the European version being more carefully made and more popular.

So let's take a look at the differences.

Pre-mast tanks for the European market

- Hardened blue steel hands

・The windshield is mineral glass

・Serial number is written on the back of the case

Pre-mast tank for the American market

・The case is a snap-in type with no screws on the sides

・The needle is black

・Windshield is plastic

-Brand logo hand-engraved on the back of the case

-No serial number

There are other differences, etc.

Now let's look at the back cover.

Pre-mast tank back cover

The serial number 01735 is engraved on the back, but there is a number "4" before that.

The number 4 indicates the reference and proves that it is a European Cartier LM size.

The LM size of the Premast Tank is 31cm in height and has a case diameter of 24cm (without crown).

The movement is the Cal. 78-1, which is also used in other Cartier models.

Premast Tank movement Cal.78

So that's how I explained a lot about pre-mast tanks.

Because it is similar to the Tank Louis Cartier, it is likely that they realized it would be difficult to differentiate it from the original and quickly revised the design.

This model was only produced for a short period of time and is very popular due to its similarity to the Tank Louis Cartier, so if you come across it, why not be sure to get your hands on it?