What kind of watch is the Bell & Ross By Thin Diver 300 Ref. 203?

Bell & Ross by Sinn Diver 300 Ref. 203 (Bell-_-Ross-by-Sinn-Vintage-Ref-203-1)

Bell & Ross is a relatively new company, having been founded in 1992. A feature of these watches is that many of them have enhanced functionality, such as improved visibility, magnetic resistance, and water resistance.

Such Since its founding, Bell & Ross has a history of working with SINN to produce high-spec watches for professional use for 10 years.

Bell & Ross by Sinn Diver 300 Ref. 203 (Bell-_-Ross-by-Sinn-Vintage-Ref-203-1) case back

just a little, We will explain about Bell & Ross and SINN.

Bell & Ross co-founder When Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo shared their vision for developing a new watch brand with Sinn, the established company appreciated their vision and agreed to help produce their initial designs.

Although they agreed to support the move, they continued to produce watches under a different brand name, and this Reference 203 is one of the few early Bell & Ross models co-branded with Sinn.

Bell & Ross's iconic square case style watches had not yet been created at this stage, but they did initially produce round models like this one.

Close-up of the Bell & Rossby SINN logo

The watch with the logos of these two brands is It is considered a rare example of an early Bell & Ross watch.

What also adds to the popularity of this model is its titanium case and the fact that it is a limited edition of just 300 pieces.

The tritium markers on the hour and minute hands are lime green for improved visibility and a clearer contrast with the black dial.

The movement used is the Valjoux Cal. 7750 automatic movement, which is a chronograph with a date function and has been used in chronographs from various companies, including the Speedmaster .

This historical background makes this watch extremely valuable to watch enthusiasts.