The History of Wakmann

1895 Founder of Wakmann

Mr. Wakman was born in Russia to Jewish parents.

1943 World War II

During the early stages of World War II, Wakmann started a watch business in Portugal.

He represented several European luxury watch brands.

At the same time, the war was spreading rapidly across Europe.

During the Holocaust, the Wakmann family made significant contributions to helping refugees from the horrors of the Nazis.

During World War II in North America, many American watch companies fell on hard times.
Their production was switched to military products, and Swiss watchmakers produced watches for the anti-war movement and civilians.

As a result, the US government decided to support the American watch industry.

This was followed by the enactment of the Swiss Watch Importation Act, which allowed the U.S. Department of Commerce to impose tariffs on imported fine Swiss watches.

Wakman immediately realized that this was the perfect opportunity to start an American specialty watch business.

To realize his lifelong dream, he set out to establish a new business in New York.
It crossed the Atlantic Ocean and went from Lisbon and Portugal to New York.

1946: The birth of Wakmann

In 1946, he officially founded the Wakmann Watch Company in New York and clearly defined the concept of the next major brand.

- Professional precision for professional users

・Production to provide high quality products

・Combining innovative research and development with continuous improvement and technology

- Modern design that matches the latest trends

Wakmann was appointed as the official manufacturer and supplier to the U.S. military during World War II.

This appointment was a great testament to the superior quality of Wakmann watches.

Air Force technology evolved rapidly during the wars of the 1940s.

New innovations include jet planes, radars, ballistic missiles, and more.

During the same period, Wakmann developed cockpit clocks for military and civilian aircraft, pilot clocks for

He began developing timing tools for the professional aviation industry, including specialized watches.

WAKMANN Aviation Instruments
WAKMANN Aircraft Models

1947 Joint venture with Breitling

Following this breakthrough in quality and design, Wakmann watches soon became

They gained a reputation as high-performance, high-end watches and became status symbols among their customers.

In 1947, the Wakmann Watch Company of New York

It was officially listed on the US Stock Exchange and received greater official accolades.

In October 1947, the American Breitling Watch Company was founded in New York.

This is the collaboration between the Wakmann Watch Company and the famous Swiss aviation watch manufacturer.

It was a joint venture with the Breitling Watch Company.

1950s Globalization

During its early years, Wakmann focused on designing and manufacturing high-end watches.

It has established itself as a leading manufacturer of precision professional watches.

In the 1950s, Wakmann expanded its business beyond North America.

We have established ourselves as a trusted global brand.

At the Wakman Research Center, engineers, watch makers, watch designers, etc.

Various specialized teams have been formally established.

Wakmann Production Department offers high quality products and accessories.

It continued to be widely available.

At the same time, Wakmann also provided comprehensive professional after-sales service for customers.

To clarify its product development roadmap, Wakmann has categorized its watches into four types.

Timer and stopwatch

-Chronographs and multi-purpose technical watches

A complete line of aviation watches made to the latest military and commercial specifications

A full assortment of watches for ladies and gentlemen, as well as utility watches

WAKMANN 1950s watch

1960s Women's Collection

The 1960s was a decade of social revolution and passion.

In the United States, two huge social movements swept across the nation.

In the counter-culture of hippies and feminism (women's liberation movement),

She wanted freedom and rights for women.

Women's fashions of the time reflected the influence of such movements,

White go-go boots, mini skirt, slim heel shoes, sleeveless shift,

New fashions such as sandals and bell-top jeans appeared.

At that time, the Wakmann Watch women's collection included:

Incaboli shock-resistant movement,

Sapphire crystal, tailored bracelet,

The textured design cover opens to reveal a hidden clock amongst many others

I was impressed by the innovative design that allows you to see everything.

These new designs are available in Wakmann ladies watches and

It was specifically aimed at fitting in with the fashion trends of the 1960s.

Other items included a collection of 14K gold and diamond bracelet watches.

There are 13 different bracelets available, ranging from 5 to 40 diamonds.

1970 High-end central register timer

Many elite athletes emerged with stellar performances in the 1970s.

Billie Jean King in the nationally televised "Battle of the Sexes"

He defeated the male, Bobby Riggs.

Mark Spitz set seven world records at the 1972 games and became the first man to compete in Olympic swimming events.

It was an unprecedented feat.

Gymnasts Olga Korbut and Nadia Comaneci, both of whom were famous in the 1970s

He gave a legendary performance at the Olympics.

In the 1970s, long-distance running and jogging were all the rage.

In line with global sports trends, Wakmann launched a new sports collection in the 1970s.

It is now on sale.

New products include a waterproof watch (laboratory tested to depths of 666 feet and 999 feet);

It included a bezel showing the elapsed time over 24 hours, a double locking crown for protection, and more.

For accurate timing in sporting events, Wakmann

Advanced "Premium Central Register Timers" Collection

We have begun work on this.

This latest development doubles the capacity of the timing register from 30 to 60 seconds,

85% improved legibility and split-second timing with central register

It is now possible.

Pioneering the 21st Century

Half a century ago, Wakman traveled to America and fulfilled a lifelong dream.

His conviction and determination have led to the development of a famous watch brand that produces reliable, high-quality timepieces.

This led to the founding of Wakmann as one company.

In the 21st century, Wakmann watches are for both men and women.

While offering modern, practical and durable watches,

I continue to explore new horizons.

Wakmann pioneered advanced Swiss night-time reading technology and is the leading Swiss watch collection

We have developed self-powered micro gas lights integrated into the dial and hands.

This exceptional feature ensures that the wearer can always read their Wakmann watch quickly and easily in any environment (including complete darkness).

Professionals believe in their beliefs, dream and treasure every important moment in life.

Wakmann Watches share similar values ​​and are truly trustworthy.

A partner for professionals.

Pioneering aviation watches

Wakmann's wide range of aviation watches are essential cockpit companions for airline pilots.

There is no margin of error in recording flight time, so aircraft instruments

It must be absolutely accurate and reliable, even under adverse flight conditions.

It must withstand all kinds of shocks and challenges.

Wakmann instruments were widely deployed in the aviation industry.

for example,

U.S. Air Force,

United Airlines,

American Airlines,

Eastern Airlines,



KLM, BOAC, etc.








SC-C-539475 etc.

Wakman aviation watches are officially certified by the U.S. Government Aerospace Standards Group.

It also complies with various US military specifications.

Professional features of Wakmann aviation watches include:

*8 days of power on a single winding - precise and reliable movement

*Large, bright numbers integrally illuminated in red or white

*Lightweight, shatter-resistant black aluminum oxide case

*Displays Greenwich Mean Time and local time simultaneously

*easy to use

* Know flight time and fuel consumption

Professional Timer

In the 1950s, Wakmann developed cost-effective, durable and accurate

1/10 second plain timer,

1/5 second plain timer,

Decimal timeout timer,

Yacht timer,

Introduced a collection of timers including a track timer.

In the professional timing arena, Wakmann is working with the Swiss Breitling Watch Company

Together they brought in "Breitling-Wakmann high-standard, highly accurate and professional stopwatches and timing equipment."

These include:

*Radio and TV

*Relay and swimming races

12 hour totalizer countdown timer

*For 16 feet/35 mm

1 ft/min film footage timer

*1/100th of a second Ultimate Timer

Includes a high-end timer.

Meanwhile, Wakmann has developed a timer that complies with US military specifications.

1. Specification number MIL-W-6510 (USAF) Type A-8

Compliant 1/10 second electronic navigational speed timer.

They are particularly useful as components in electronic and radar equipment.

2. Federal Specification GG-S-764a and

Constructed in accordance with GG-W-IIIa,

1/5 second continuous running timer.

3. Compliant with specification MIL-W-5605

Navigational stopwatch and

Chronograph AN5742/1

*Under the applicable qualification examination,

Approved by the Civil Aviation Bureau

* Nickel-finished case

Operates in extreme high and low temperatures

A deviation of a few seconds is guaranteed.

Accurate Chronograph

The Wakmann chronograph provided practical timekeeping functions.

Two push buttons and various subdials are combined

It enhances the elegance of the watch.

The Wakmann Chronograph Collection includes 30-minute and 12-hour chronograph registers,

It had an exclusive Taylor dial, glowing numerals and hands, and more.

Offers protection against moisture, shock and magnetism for a range of models

A variety of watch cases (steel, gold, nickel chrome, etc.)

It was also equipped with

Case-back engraving services were also available to Wakmann customers.

Pair Watches

Developing special features in new designs requires intensive research, continuous innovation and

It was necessary.

Wakmann has introduced several features to its paired watch collection.

* Electronic timekeeping automatic winding

*Unbreakable mainspring and polished escapement

*14K gold case with magnifying calendar window

* Luminous dial and hands

Watches for special purposes

Wakmann also introduced a range of special purpose watch models.

・Skin diver's watch

- Stainless steel waterproof watch case,

With rotating bezel for time lapse

・24-hour military style watch

- 7 time zone watches

- Greenwich, Hawaii, Pacific,

Mountain, Central,

Eastern, Daylight Time -

・Square dress watch and

Ultra-thin Dress Watch Collection

・Six-in-one sports watch

- Interchangeable multi-colored cases,

Top and straps

Matches a variety of exteriors.

The Wakmann watch collection includes railroad style pocket watches,

Hunting Case Pocket Alarm (for watch collectors),

Nun's Watch, Blind Watch (with Crystal Spring Cover)

This also includes pocket watches for special customer groups such as: