The Tank Louis Cartier that was sent out for repair has returned from the official boutique.

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In today's article, I will be sharing my Tank Louis Cartier watch that has been returned after being repaired at an official Cartier boutique, and will be sharing my review of what was done and my experience wearing it.

Image of model wearing Tank Louis Cartier PARIS dial model

What model of Cartier watch is it that you sent in for repair?

The Cartier watch released this time is the Tank Louis Cartier, which is the highest-end model among the various models that Cartier offers.

In terms of age, the watch is from the 1970s and is a model made as part of the Louis Cartier collection.

The Louis Cartier Collection is a luxury line that was created by reviving models designed by the third-generation president, Louis Cartier, in his workshop in Paris, France.

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A distinctive feature of the watches in the Louis Cartier collection is that they have "PARIS" written at the 6 o'clock position, indicating the country of manufacture.

Generally, Cartier watches are manufactured in "SWISS", but the models in the Cartier Collection made during this period are labeled "PARIS", and this PARIS dial is highly sought after among collectors.

Why did you take it to a boutique for repairs?

Tank Louis Cartier PARIS dial

This is a wonderful Tank Louis watch, but why did I send it in for repair this time?

The first reason is for my own study.

The second reason is that I wanted to change the dial.


Regarding the first detail, I sent it in for repairs using the international permanent warranty, but since it was a different warranty than usual, I'm wondering if this warranty will still be valid?

The reason is that I wanted to have it repaired to see if it could be used.

Although I am not able to show the warranty in this video, I was able to use a different type of warranty than usual, so I was able to update my knowledge by one more thing.

By the way, the International Lifetime Warranty was only included with Cartier watches for a certain period in the 1970s, and as its name suggests, it is the most powerful card in that it guarantees watch repairs for life.

For more information about Cartier's international lifetime warranty, please click here.

The second point is also quite important.

The watch was made in the 1970s, so it is already 50 years old.

I know that if the movement inside is a hand-wound watch, it can be repaired and will work properly, but the problem is the dial.

The dial cannot be repaired, so my main goal was to have Cartier replace it and restore it to a beautiful condition.

The original dial had cracks all over it and was slightly dull in color, giving it an aged look that really made it look old.

The aged dial is wonderful in its own way as it allows you to feel the age of the watch, but in this case, since we are using an international permanent warranty, the overhaul fee is free.

Since the overhaul fee is free, I was able to use the money elsewhere, which is why I decided to replace the dial this time.

How is the repair report written?

So, now that Tanklui has returned, what kind of repairs were carried out? Let's take a look at the "Completion Report" and "Repair Details" together.

First off, here is the repair breakdown:

Cartier overhaul completion certificate 1
Cartier overhaul completion certificate 2

What you are currently looking at is the "Repair Completion Certificate" that comes with your watch when you send it in for repair. This certificate lists the model of the watch that was sent in as well as the serial number of the watch.

The part surrounded by a blue frame states that it is a complete service and is free of charge.

This is written because it was free because I used the international lifetime warranty.

Now let's look at the next one (next to it).

Here is a description of what work was done.

Let's take a look at the details.

We would like to inform you that the after-sales service for your Cartier product has been completed.

Complete service

A complete service includes a comprehensive inspection of your watch to ensure that it once again meets Cartier standards in terms of comfort, functionality, aesthetics and precision .

Main tasks performed

・Movement repair

- Precision adjustment and adjustment of machine functions

-Replacement of worn or damaged parts

・Waterproof maintenance (waterproof models only)

・Machine inspection

The part from here on is written in bold, and it shows the repairs that were performed on this watch (the parts that will be charged).


・Dial replacement

・Needle replacement

・COD fee

・Light polishing (case)

Our light polishing service will remove superficial scratches from your watch and restore its lustre.

So, in my case, the costs involved were shipping, replacement of the dial and hands, and cash on delivery fees.

Light polishing is done as a service.

Going back to the repair invoice,

This service mainly includes the following:

Light polishing and glazing


This watch is not waterproof. Please be careful of sweat, rain, etc. when using it.

There are two other reports, but I won't go into them here as they are not important.

What did you think of the return of Tank Louis Cartier?

Tank Louis Cartier PARIS dial model trying on

So, from here on, I'll tell you what Tanklui was actually like when he returned.

It would have been best if I had the original photos, but at that time I hadn't yet taken any, as I hadn't really taken to YouTube yet, and I didn't think people would want to see such a comparison.

So only those who have returned will be able to see it, but as you all already know, it has come back in an incredibly beautiful condition.

Of course, there are still some small scratches, but at first glance it is so clean that it's hard to believe it's a watch from the 1970s.

The transparent, lustrous white dial is beautiful, and because it is a vintage watch, it is an old model but still feels new, occupying a new position for watches.

After all, new watches have a new look, and vintage watches have a vintage look, and they each have their merits, but this time around, it seems like they've taken the best of both worlds.

My impression after wearing it was that it is Cartier's highest-end model, so it fits well on the wrist, and I feel like wearing something like this would make my daily life more enjoyable and I would be able to spend my days with confidence.

What I like about this model is that it's very stylish, but not too big, so it's not too flashy and subtly adds a touch of glamour to your wrist.

The huge Santos watch is sturdy and cool, but the Tank Louis is more sophisticated and I think it's a watch that an adult would wear.

I felt that this was a watch that left a strong impression.

It's light, thin, and doesn't feel strange around the sleeves at all, which is a nice touch.

Since it is 99% a dress watch, this is a watch that we would recommend to people who usually wear suits or jackets, as they will find the watch useful in more situations.


Tank Louis Cartier PARIS dial close-up

To sum up, the Tank Louis is a model that has been produced throughout the years and is still available to purchase today.

That said, styles change slightly with each era, so it might be fun to try to find a model that suits your taste.

This time I am dealing with watches with PARIS dials, and since Cartier is a French brand, I really feel that it is great that there is consistency between the brand and the watch dial.

Such small details are one of the elements that make you feel attached to a watch, so if you can find small details such as the PARIS designation, you will be able to find your favorite watch, no matter the brand or model, and you will be able to use it for a long time.