Recommended Cartier watches for men for business occasions by age

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In this article, we will explain the recommended models of Cartier watches for business situations.

Those who are about to enter the workforce and work hard.

Someone who holds a certain level of position.

(Those who are expected to be promoted and take up a position in the field)

He is now an executive.

The positions vary greatly depending on the age group.

At work, a watch is an item that represents a person, and for men, this has an even greater impact.

While it's ideal to wear your favorite watch, it's also good etiquette to wear an appropriate watch in business situations.

It can get caught or stuck on the sleeve when you lower your arm, and it can also look a bit awkward to have to untie it.

So, as a general rule, this time we will be introducing only carefully selected slim watches that fit neatly under your sleeves and are ideal for suits and jacket styles.

Basic thinking in business

Basic Concepts for Watches in Business

In business situations, the standard watch to wear is a dress watch.

This is because business is a place for negotiations that involve the other party.

At such times, you'll probably be wearing a jacket and pants, so if the watch you usually wear isn't a dress watch, it will look mismatched.

This is an extreme example, but a G SHOCK doesn't go well with a jacket style.

I think you can kind of imagine what I mean.

Also, it's not a good idea for the watch to be too assertive.

In business negotiations, everyone is different, but you still need to be aware of "taking a step back."

Wristwatches serve more as a minimum level of etiquette and are not something to be shown to others in such situations.

I'm going to tell you something important here.

Not many people are aware of this, but in business situations, there are many people who don't like black dials.

That's because there are the words "black star" and "white star," and since black star represents a loss, some people associate it with the black face of a watch.

Although luck is something that each person perceives differently, there are a certain number of people who are conscious of it, and this tendency is particularly stronger among business managers.

For this reason, it is safer to choose a dial that is on the white side.

And by keeping these things in mind, you can dramatically increase your chances of success in a business negotiation.

Words to keep in mind are "modest," "refined," and "simple."

However, with Cartier watches, such things are generally possible, so it will be important to choose which model based on your age.

So, I will now introduce it to you. This time we have divided the categories by age group, but in today's world where diverse working styles are required, age and job position are not necessarily equal, so we would appreciate it if you could consider your own position and age to find the optimal solution.

The Ideal Cartier Watch for People in Their 20s to Mid 30s

This category includes people who have just entered the workforce and don't know what kind of watch to wear, as well as those who have gained some experience and are in leadership positions.

The first common thing here is that it is likely that the other party is older and has a higher position than you.

At times like these, wearing a nice watch may not make the other person feel good.

However, wearing a cheap watch will not make you look like a capable man and will make you appear unreliable.

Well, if it's a Cartier watch, then there's no problem, but you should only give it a sneak peek, and if the other person notices it, you can consider starting a small conversation from there.

Therefore, we recommend the Tank Mast, which is the most affordable and slim Cartier watch.

Recommended Cartier watches by era: Tank Must

Even though it is the most affordable way to get your hands on the Cartier brand, anyone can instantly recognize it as a Cartier watch thanks to its rectangular shape.

Made from stainless steel, it is understated and acts as a cool accent to any style.

The case diameter is 25.5mm for LM and 31mm for XL, so it's not too large and can be seen just enough to peek out from your sleeve, giving a modest and favorable impression.

Another great thing about this model is that it is available with either a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preference.

It can of course be used in the workplace, but it is also a model that can be used privately by young people who cannot afford to purchase multiple luxury watches, so I think it can be used in all situations.

The Ideal Cartier Watch for Mid 30s to Mid 40s

At this age, it is likely that you hold some level of authority.

He's not at an age where he can get by on youthful energy alone, and having subordinates has helped him to acquire a certain level of manly ability.

Although he is calm and collected, he has not yet caught up with the experience of his seniors.

It is also expected that the other party will have the widest gradation range, being slightly lower, about the same, or slightly higher.

Therefore, it is thought that the most ideal situation is to wear a watch that suits a person's financial means in the eyes of everyone.

The recommended model from Cartier here is the stainless steel model of the Tank Française in MM size.

Recommended Cartier watch models by era: Tank Francaise

I think it would be good to include the tank mast that I mentioned earlier.

The Française may not be immediately recognizable as a Cartier watch, but this model makes up for it with its unique character and its ability to express the kind of watch you like.

In addition, this model underwent a full model change in March 2023, and what previously had a design that was more likely to be preferred by women has now been changed to a style that men will also find cool.

Even if the person you are giving the gift to is not knowledgeable about watches, the watch has an aura about it, so they will be able to tell right away that you are wearing a nice watch.

The reason for choosing a stainless steel model is, of course, influenced by age.

If you're in your 40s, you won't go too far wrong, but if you're in your 30s and choose gold, it can still make you look like you're being forced to wear it.

It depends on how much gold is used in the model, but since the Française is made entirely of gold, we are introducing the stainless steel model here.

The MM size is recommended because the LM size would be fine but it would be 1cm thick, so we have ruled it out as the sleeves might not fit quite right.

However, there are many situations in which you will want to wear a jacket without a shirt, and in those cases this will make your hands look very beautiful.

Ideal Cartier Watches for Mid 40s to Mid 50s

At this age, it is likely that you will have many subordinates in somewhat intermediate positions.

As people get older, they are becoming more familiar with gold models, and the range of choices is expanding.

In this situation, the watch you should choose is probably one with a more dressy feel.

Since it is expected that the other party will be of the same or lower level, it is important to demonstrate your melancholy, composure, and quiet ability backed by experience.

The recommended Cartier models here are the Santos-Dumont and Tank Solo .

Cartier's recommended models by era: Santos-Dumont

For men, the Santos de Cartier is a must-have model, and I personally love its rugged style, but since this time I am limiting it to a business setting, I will go with the Dumont.

In fact, both of these models can be worn with a jacket.

However, when comparing the Santos de Cartier to the Santos-Dumont, it is clear that the Dumont is much more of a dress watch.

The bezel is mirror-finished and the dial is a satin-finished sunburst (a style that radiates from the center), giving it a very luxurious and glamorous feel as a men's watch.

The image is something like a British aristocrat.

The sizes are 31.5mm for LM and 34mm for XL, so they are not too big and give a sense of room.

Recommended Cartier models by era: Tank Solo

The Solo is the pre-evolution of the Tank Mast and is now out of production, but it was produced until 2019, so it is still easy to obtain and I decided to include it.

The big difference from the Tank Mast is that it is available in 18K gold.

The Tank Solo 18K model doesn't look gaudy, and I think gold suits people of this age group.

The reason is that when you are younger, you may not be able to tame it well and you may feel like you are being forced to wear it, but by this age, most people have gone through a certain amount of hardship to get to where they are now.

Therefore, even 18K gold will blend in well because it reflects a person's life experiences.

Of course, the Française I introduced earlier has the same idea, and I think the American Gold Model should also be included here.

Mast Tank → Tank Solo → Tank Please watch this video to see the evolution history of the mast ↓

The Ideal Cartier Watches for People in Their Mid-50s and Beyond

I think most of them are in senior positions or at the top of their companies.

There probably won't be any thought of it as a counterparty, and it's likely that someone of a similar rank will come to greet you, or that a senior executive will come to ask for guidance.

Also, at this age, in addition to work, your private life will likely also involve an increase in family weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies.

There are many occasions for ceremonial occasions, such as a boss giving a speech at a daughter or son's wedding, or a subordinate's wedding.

In such a situation, a wristwatch can be thought of as a clear expression of a person's social status.

To put it simply, it's a watch that you won't be embarrassed to wear wherever you go.

The recommended model from Cartier here is the Tank Louis Cartier .

Recommended Cartier models by era: Tank Louis Cartier

This is the highest-end model among Cartier's products and is made only from 18K material, so if used correctly, it will elegantly accentuate the wearer.

As mentioned with the Tank Mast, anyone who sees this shape will instantly recognize it as a Cartier, and taking into account its position and age, the 18K gold, not too large and not assertive, will give it an elegant look without being gaudy.

In a word, it can be described as the best choice for a capable man.


Finally, to summarise, this time we are explaining about watches for business situations, so only thin watches were included as candidates, not big, thick watches.

However, there are a variety of business settings, from formal to casual, so as long as you are dressed appropriately for the occasion, any watch will be fine as long as it is a model that goes well with both casual and formal styles.

Choosing a watch for young people can be difficult.

It's not easy to choose a watch that will boost your self-confidence while also flattering others and remaining a step reserved.

However, a Cartier watch can give you both of these benefits, so why not wear one with confidence?