Discontinued Cartier "Must Tank" Breguet Index LM Size! Actual Watch Wear Review


This is Senoo from Vintage Watch Life 😊

I would like to summarize my impressions of actually wearing the discontinued Cartier "Must Tank" Breguet index LM size.

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Discontinued Cartier "Must Tank" Breguet Index LM Size Wear Review

This model is the "Mast Tank," which was released around 1978 and is still popular today.

At the time, Cartier basically only made watches using high-quality materials such as 18K yellow gold and white gold, and the Mast series was created with the aim of reconsidering materials and selling watches at low prices so that a wide range of people could own them.

Therefore, the material used is pure silver (925/1000).

Nowadays, stainless steel is the mainstream material for wristwatches, but since this one is made from pure silver, even the cheaper lines feel quite luxurious.

Many variations were created before production ceased around 2005, including a model with 18K yellow gold plating over the pure silver base.

This model also features a dial with Breguet indexes.

Discontinued Cartier Must Tank with Breguet Index

An index is the part where numbers are arranged, and Breguet has Breguet numerals.

Compared to standard Arabic numerals, these numerals are characterized by pinched or squeezed tips and tails.

The numbers have thick and thin parts and are made slightly slanted, which makes them look stylish.

For these reasons, this Breguet index model is extremely popular with both men and women.

Discontinued Cartier Must Tank: Difference between SM and LM sizes

Furthermore, while most Breguet index watches on the market are SM size for women, this one is LM size, which is for men.

(Of course, in modern terms, this would be a normal size for a woman.)

I happened to be able to get my hands on this item, so I'll be reviewing my impressions of wearing the LM size.

Impressions after wearing

Discontinued Cartier Must Tank with Breguet index. Actual photo of the watch being worn.

The case diameter is 23mm.

It may seem small by modern standards, but it was still a men's size at the time.

In the 1970s, smaller watches were more fashionable than they are today, so basically all brands made their cases smaller than they do today.

I don't normally wear large watches, but this one doesn't feel too small and is just the right fit.

Discontinued Cartier Must Tank with Breguet index. Actual photo of the watch being worn.

The photo shows me wearing it, with an arm circumference of about 17cm.

Since it is not made of stainless steel, it feels gentle on the skin and fits comfortably on your arm.

Discontinued Cartier Must Tank with Breguet index. Actual photo of the watch being worn.

Cartier was originally a jewelry company and specializes in dress watches, so they go well with jacket styles.

If you often wear jackets as part of your everyday wardrobe, I think a Cartier watch would go very well with it👍

My impression after wearing this model is that it is a watch that makes me stand out.

Today's large watches are a way to say, "I'm wearing this watch! Show off!"

It feels like the watch is the main focus, but the size is just right, not too small, which gives it an air of elegance and sophistication, creating a mature, sophisticated impression.

I don't think many people know the difference between Arabic indexes and Breguet indexes.

However, I believe that the "first impression" is important and that a person's sense can be judged based on that impression.

Arabic numerals are fine, and Breguet is fine, so you know the difference, so why did you choose it?

I think that a man who can talk like that has a strong sense of commitment and is cool.