About Vacheron Constantin Mechanical and Hand-wound Watches

~The world's oldest watch brand~

Vacheron Constantin (also known as Vacheron Constantin or Vacheron Constantin)

As the oldest watch brand in the world, it is one of the most respected of all watch brands.

Vacheron Constantin, along with Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet

It is also known as one of the three great clocks in the world.

Currently, it is part of the Richemont Group, along with IWC and Piaget.

Vacheron Constantin is not only known for its current models, but also for its history as the world's oldest watch brand.

It is especially famous for the fact that vintage models still fetch high prices today.

They are also experts in processing rare metals, such as platinum watches, which in 1820 were still only permitted to be worn by royalty.

Even for "used" current models, it is not uncommon for them to exceed 1 million yen.

It has the dignity to be worthy of being called one of the world's three greatest clocks.

Let's take a look at the history of Vacheron Constantin.

■ History

Vacheron Constantin's origins date back to the 1500s.

At that time, Protestant Huguenots, who were being persecuted by Catholics, fled to the Geneva region of Switzerland.

Craftsmen fleeing persecution from all over the country gathered there and formed an atelier called La Fabrique.

Metalworking and watchmaking were also carried out there.

Although the story is a little different, the persecuted Huguenots fled to Switzerland and later created a world-famous watch brand.

It has something in common with Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Time passes, and the time finally comes for the brand to take off.

On September 17, 1755, Jean-Marc Vacheron, who was already a skilled watchmaker, hired an apprentice watchmaker and opened his own atelier. The contract he signed with the apprentice at that time is still in existence.

This also proves that it is the world's oldest watch brand.

In 1785, Jean-Marc Vacheron's son, Abraham Vacheron, became the second generation.

He will be running the manufacture.

In 1790, they produced the first complicated watch bearing the Vacheron name.

Their technical capabilities will continue to improve.

In 1810, Abraham Vacheron's son, Jacques-Barthélémi Vacheron, took over as the third generation.

Around this time, they started making musical watches and minute repeater watches.

Their technical ability to make complicated watches was so great that it could be said they were second to none.

In 1819, Jacques decided to take on François Constantin as a partner.

In a letter sent by his new partner François Constantin to Jacques:

This is still the belief of Vacheron Constantin today.

"We'll do the best we can. At least we can try."

The words left behind were:

And here the Vacheron and Constantin lineages intersect,

The company was named "Vacheron & Constantin".

After that, the business expanded steadily, expanding into North America and

We will be announcing inventions that will make it possible to create watches with interchangeable parts.

In 1875, business expansion had reached the limits of the factory's size.

So Jean-François Constantin, François Constantin's nephew,

A new facility will be built on the island across the street, which will house modern manufacturing.

This is what is known as the Quai de l'Ile.

The year 1885 marked the anniversary of the adoption of the Vacheron Constantin symbol, the Maltese cross.

To keep the torque of the mainspring as constant as possible, thereby achieving greater precision

The design was inspired by a movement part that was once attached to the barrel cover.

It is considered to represent Vacheron Constantin's corporate commitment to pursuing precision in its watches.

This has now established the foundation of today's Vacheron Constantin.
After the 1900s, the company released tonneau-shaped watches, which led to the current Malta collection.

He led the watch industry by introducing thin watches that rivaled those of Piaget.

We have always brought classic yet cutting-edge models to the world.

In 2004, the company established its international headquarters in Plan-les-Ouates.

It also made the Vacheron Constantin name known all over the world.

The Quai de l'Ile has also not relocated and still houses the Maison's boutique.

The company celebrated its 260th anniversary in 2015 and has made waves in the watch industry by developing the world's most complicated custom-made watch.


1 Patrimony

This is Vacheron Constantin's most popular watch.

The collection was inspired by watches from the 1950s and has the theme of "purest style".

The beautiful, gentle lines form a perfect circle.

This watch's uncompromising simplicity brings out the inner self of the wearer.

2. Traditional

Like the Patrimony, there are simple designs,

From tourbillons, perpetual calendars, to world timers and other complicated watches

This collection features a wide range of watches.

There are also jewelled watches, a specialty of Vacheron Constantin.

3. Harmony

This collection features a rare "cushion shape".

The store also has a collection of watches ranging from hand-wound to automatic.

This model is equipped with a new movement.

4. Malta

A tonneau-shaped watch released in 1912.

This watch design, which was innovative at the time, has now been reproduced in modern times.

This collection was inspired by a model released in 1912.

This collection is truly a symbol of Vacheron Constantin.

If you're a watch lover, you'll probably know what it is just by looking at its shape.

This collection is truly a masterpiece.

5. Quai de l'Ile

First of all, Vacheron Constantin is not just a brand that sells ready-made watches.

This is a brand that has long offered customization services to meet the needs of each individual customer.

The Quai de L'ile collection is a collection in which that spirit still lives on.

You can customize it however you like.

For example, you can choose the shape and material of the case yourself.

That's something you don't often see with other watch brands.

6. Overseas

This is a sports watch collection that is ruggedly equipped with chronographs and other features.

However, the case is not just rugged, but also made of 18k pink gold.

It is characterized by many designs that set it apart from other brands.

7 1972

The theme of the collection is "Sometimes jewelry, sometimes dandy."

The case is characterized by its asymmetrical rectangular shape.

It is a distinctive watch that is instantly recognizable.

8. Wool Creative

Vacheron Constantin women's collection.

The current collection is modeled on watches from the 1920s, 1930s and 1970s.

Among them, the fan-shaped wool disclet is a particularly eye-catching model with its gorgeousness.

9. Métiers d'Art

This collection, with its dials decorated with flowers and animals, goes beyond the boundaries of timepieces.

It has reached the level of a work of art.

This is a collection that anyone looking for a watch with the most artistic sensibility should definitely try.

10 Historik

This model is a modern reproduction of a watch that was originally made to order in the past.

The unique shape of the 1921 model in particular makes it a collection that any watch lover should try out at least once.


The true essence of Vacheron Constantin lies in its custom-made services.

The Quai de L'ile collection in particular offers hundreds of possible combinations.

This is the perfect brand for watch fans who can no longer stand ready-made watches.

Vacheron Constantin is the world's oldest watch brand.