Newmark 6BB RAF Chronograph Pilot's Watch

Last year in 2018, Newmark actually ran a crowdfunding campaign for a chronograph pilot watch on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.
The watch that was the subject of the crowdfunding is a reproduction of a pilot watch that Newmark produced in 1980 for the Royal Air Force, and is now being sold again for everyday use by anyone.

In 1980, only 500 Newmark chronographs were made.
At the time, British military pilots relied on these chronographs to fly fighter aircraft such as Vulcans, Harrier, Sea Kings, and Tornados.
The chronograph is back in 2018.
We would like to introduce you to the upgraded beauty of the reproduction Newmark 6BB, which retains the vintage charm of the time while being equipped with many of the latest features.

A resurrected beauty

Back in the '80s, Newmark Pilot's Watches were obviously only available to the Royal Air Force, but this reissue is now available to all pilot's watch enthusiasts.
The amount of funding on Kickstarter was 237 euros (approximately 28,000 yen), making it a very affordable price for a pilot's watch.
The understated design, suitable for people of all ages, is emblematic of a military watch that prioritizes functionality.

The British military chronograph was converted to a Seiko quartz movement in 1983.
While this model undoubtedly improved performance, it also lost the vintage feel of the military watches now known as "The Fabulous Four."
Meanwhile, the NewMark 6BB, which appeared on Kickstarter, is a modern military watch at an overwhelmingly lower cost than those made back then.
The creators' goal was not to design a watch from scratch, but to create a military watch that was as close to the original as possible, and as you can see, that is exactly what happened.

The Newmark 6BB is a 316L stainless steel watch with an asymmetrical design that keeps the bezel width to a minimum to highlight the dial.
It has elegantly curved lugs to ensure a snug fit on the wrist, and the case back is engraved with the Newmark logo and a serial number to identify each piece.
Additionally, it is stamped with the genuine NATO stock number "6645-99-870-5073" issued to the Newmark 6BB by the British Ministry of Defence.

Easy to see and high performance

Wristwatches used by air force pilots must have easy-to-read dials and be precisely designed.
This Newmark 6BB features a velvet black dial with matte white numerals, making it easy to tell the time at a glance in any situation.
Some chronographs use glossy materials for the subdials, but the material of the concentric subdials on this model is also consistent.
The indexes and Newmark logo use the same font and design as back then, faithfully recreating the 1980 model.

The Newmark6BB is currently on sale on Newmark's official website for just under 300 euros (approximately 35,000 yen).
While the design remains the same as it was back then, this watch is equipped with Seiko's high-performance VK64A Meca quartz movement, and is sure to turn heads wherever you go.