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      The first Diabolo is said to have been created in the 1910s.

      After that, its existence was not confirmed for a while, and it next came to the public's attention in the 1990s.

      Cartier's "Diavolo" was born in the 1990s. It is one of the least understood and least known Cartier models.

      Cartier is known for seminal models like the Tank and Santos, but they also produce countless other rare watches, and the Diavolo is undoubtedly one of their most desirable models.

      Here we will explain in detail about the "Diavolo" model.

      What model is Diabolo?

      What kind of model is Cartier's watch "Diabolo"?

      The name diabolo comes from the lugs and crown that characterize the design, which are derived from a cup-shaped acrobatic device made of two sticks that has been used in China since ancient times, and the word itself is a combination of the words "cross" and "throw."

      The traditional Chinese toy that inspired the diabolo, the "empty bamboo"

      *The traditional Chinese toy that inspired the diabolo is the "empty bamboo" (konju).

      The distinctive feature of the Diabolo is that although the lugs are the same length as those of a regular watch, they appear longer because they are designed to be thin and not thick.

      Cartier Diabolo watch design details

      Furthermore, the thin lugs make the case stand out, and the thickness creates a visual effect that makes the watch appear larger and more three-dimensional when viewed from above.

      The next part I would like you to look at is the needle.

      Cartier Watch Diabolo Hands Explanation (Breguet Hands & Apple Hands)

      Since the 1970s, Cartier watches have generally been equipped with sword hands, except for special models.

      However, the Diabolo has a "Breguet hand" (called an apple hand at Cartier) with a rounded tip, which is not often seen in other brands.

      The case design is wonderful, but the addition of these Breguet hands makes the watch even more beautiful and luxurious.

      Look at the case size

      There are three case sizes available: Mini, SM, and LM.

      Cartier Diabolo watch size range

      Mini 21mm

      SM 27.4mm

      LM 32.5mm

      The smallest model, the Mini, was a ladies' model and was made in a fairly small size of 21mm, which is rarely seen these days.

      Therefore, its larger size makes it more suitable as a bracelet rather than a watch.

      Next is SM, which is a unisex size for both men and women.

      Compared to the Mini size, the SM size is larger and the visibility of the dial is improved, making it the perfect size to function as a watch.

      Normally the next size would be MM, but with this model there is no MM, so you jump straight to LM size.

      LM sizes are classified as men's, but 32.5mm for LM feels a bit small.

      However, as explained earlier, it doesn't feel small because it has a three-dimensional feel and a sense of weight that you can't get from its size alone.

      It's easy to understand if you think of it as a design that includes the rug, but it's not just a basic rug; the rug also has decorations on it, so the size is calculated to take that into account.

      In addition, from the LM size onwards, the dial is engraved with guilloche.

      Guilloche engraving is only used on high-end watches because it takes a lot of time and effort to produce, so it's great to be able to see its beauty on the dial.

      Let's take a look at the movement

      The Mini and SM sizes are equipped with quartz movements, while the LM size is equipped with a hand-wound movement.

      Let's look at the materials

      The Diavolo has never been part of Cartier's main line and has always been produced in limited quantities.

      As a result, there are no models made from stainless steel; all models are available in 18k yellow or white gold, with even higher-end models being produced in platinum.

      By the way, the platinum version is limited to only 50 pieces.

      Cartier Diablo watch: a platinum model limited to 50 pieces worldwide

      The lineup of complicated models

      In addition to pieces with basic timekeeping functions, there are also models with complications such as chronographs and tourbillons.


      The Diabolo is an example of Cartier's high level of design, but it is completely different from ordinary round watches.

      The design was carefully considered to see how the watch would look on your wrist, and the three-dimensional case adds a touch of glamour to your hand without being overbearing.

      In addition, the lugs extending from the case provide a sense of stability when worn on the wrist while also adding a touch of decorative beauty.

      Rather than judging it by looking or hearing about it, you'll be impressed by how different it is when you actually pick it up and see it for yourself! If you're interested, please come to the store and try it out for yourself.

      Cartier Diabolo watch, SM size, how it looks on the wrist
      *Cartier Diabolo watch, SM size. How it looks on the wrist.