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      In this article, we will introduce the Ballon Bleu, a watch that features an innovative design created by Cartier. BALLON BLEU and Ballon Blanc I will explain about ` `BALLON BLANC ''.

      Cartier watches are generally thought of as square, as exemplified by the Tank, but they also have round models such as the Ballon Bleu, Pasha, and Baignoire.

      However, I think the reason we are interested in Baron Bleu is that it has a unique design that no other company has been able to imitate before and will probably continue to do so in the future.

      The Ballon Bleu design represents the pinnacle of round wristwatch design.

      Please stay with us until the end as we will explain in detail what kind of model Ballon Bleu is, what its appeal is, and what history it has.

      The table of contents is included in the description, so please take a look there if there is anything you are interested in.

      What kind of design is Baron Bleu?

      What kind of design is the Cartier watch Ballon Bleu?

      First of all, the meaning of Ballon Bleu is "blue balloon" in French.

      Let's take a closer look at this.

      "Ballon Bleu" symbolizes two principles of Cartier.

      ・Pure lines

      -Precise proportions

      "Ballon Bleu" embodies pure lines by drawing a circle within a circle.

      The crown blends into the case, and although it is simple, you can see that the "circular" and "spherical" shapes are mixed together, and different textures are intricately combined.

      Therefore, when you look at each part, you can see that they are all crafted with smooth curves, creating a precise beauty.

      The precise proportions are a testament to the balance Cartier struck to create this piece's overall harmony.

      It is crafted to deliver the highest level of beauty whether held in the hand or worn on the wrist.

      The most obvious feature is the crown, which is made to be as close to a sphere as possible, and the cabochon at the tip of the crown is also round, blending perfectly into the case and creating a smooth, continuous line.

      Other companies have produced round cases in the past, but the Ballon Bleu realizes Cartier's goal of creating a "new form of roundness."

      This is just my imagination, but I think it got this name because it looks like a spherical crown (balloon) floating above the circular dial.

      Ballon Bleu loved by royalty and nobility

      Princess Diana was a fan of the classic Francaise brand, and French actress Catherine Deneuve was a fan of Baignoire, so royalty and aristocrats have a history of wearing Cartier items.

      So let's take a look at what kind of women wore Ballon Bleu.

      Cartier Watches: Duchess Catherine and Ballon Bleu

      The image below shows Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wearing the piece.

      What she wears is always a hot topic and stands out from what other women in the royal family wear.

      I say this because, As the British royal family's number one fashionista, she has overwhelming support, and anything she wears attracts everyone's attention.

      This Ballon Bleu was not chosen by Kate Middleton herself; it was a gift from her husband, Prince William, to commemorate their third wedding anniversary.

      The reason why Kate Middleton has enjoyed such great citizenship is likely due to her down-to-earth attitude.

      Although she is a royal lady, the fact that she is able to raise three children in her private life while also carrying out her official duties makes her seem closer to us.

      However, Kate is a beautiful, stylish and ideal woman, and when viewed objectively in terms of her private life and status, she is a symbol of the kind of woman the world aspires to.

      Basically, it's like being a Disney princess.

      Compared to America, Britain has a longer history and, although it has faded considerably since then, it is still a hierarchical society with the aristocracy at the top.

      Such nobles had a rule that they always used first-class items made by first-class craftsmen.

      The Cartier Ballon Bleu watch chosen by Mr Cambridge, a member of an aristocratic family, is proof of this.

      What's different about Pasha?

      There is another round model called the Pasha, but let's take a look at the differences between this and the Pasha.

      Cartier Watches: Differences between Pasha and Ballon Bleu

      The one on the left is "Pasha" and the one on the right is "Ballon Bleu".

      Both have distinctive crowns, but they have different functions.

      The Pasha model was originally created in response to a request from an Indian Maharaja (a very wealthy man) to make a waterproof watch, and its distinctive feature is that it has a crown cap.

      The crown cap can be turned and removed to reveal the real crown.

      For more information on the story behind Pasha's birth, please watch this video:

      As a result, it is highly waterproof, which is rare for a Cartier watch, and it is positioned as a sporty model.

      Having said that, I don't think you'd actually be wearing this while swimming, so while the design gives off a sporty vibe, it's a model with a more casual feel.

      As for the Ballon Bleu, it gives off an elegant impression and has a mellow design, making it the perfect watch for a mature woman.

      I think the appeal of the Ballon Bleu is that the crown is housed inside the case, allowing it to express its beauty and mystery at a glance.

      The design is different from ordinary round watches made by other companies, and it can be used for everyday use regardless of style, and can be matched with both casual and formal occasions.

      Now let's take a look at the size range of Baron Bleu.

      Check out the size of Baron Blue

      Cartier Watch Ballon Bleu Size Variation

      There are mini models of the Panthere and Baignoire, but not the Ballon Bleu.

      Also, even the smallest Cartier ladies' model, the SM, is 28mm in size, which is larger than other models.

      There is a reason why it is so large: the crown is not included when measuring the diameter of the case.

      However, since the Ballon Bleu crown is inside the case, the size necessarily includes it.

      So, if we subtract that amount and calculate, it comes to about 24mm, so you can see that it is indeed made small.

      For women, I think the maximum size would be 33mm, which is MM.

      Cartier watches are for ladies up to MM size, although there are slight differences between models.

      Also, MM is a unisex size, so men can choose from sizes MM and above.

      As for the Ballon Bleu, only the SM size is quartz, while all subsequent sizes are automatic, so I think that the MM 33mm size and onwards are probably targeted at men as well.

      In fact, even though I'm a man, I don't really like watches that are too big, and I like 33-34mm watches because they feel light and elegant on the wrist.

      Cartier watch, discontinued model, Ballon Bleu, XL size

      And what we have here is an even larger size, XL, but this is not part of the current line and appears to have already been discontinued.

      Let's take a look at the materials used in Baron Bleu

      Cartier Watches Ballon Bleu Material Variations

      The standard model is available in stainless steel.

      The Ballon Bleu has a beautiful shape to begin with, so the shine of the silver stainless steel is mysterious and gives off a calm impression.

      Next is a combination of stainless steel and pink gold, which is the perfect item for those who are not satisfied with just stainless steel silver or who want to add an accent.

      What's great about this combination model, as well as the pink gold model that I'll explain later, is that the central link of the strap has a mirror finish.

      After all, if you're a woman, you want the pink parts to shine, as it gives a more glamorous impression.

      One of Cartier's charms is the attention to detail in its designs.

      Although it is a pink gold model, it has a more feminine feel compared to the stainless steel model and gives off a completely different impression.

      If the stainless steel model represents elegance, then the pink gold model represents feminine cuteness.

      And the diamond model.

      The bezel is set with diamonds, and the design is beautiful.

      This is because the crown at the 3 o'clock position does not disrupt the flow of the diamonds and blends in seamlessly.

      Other brands also have models with diamonds on the bezel, but the Ballon Bleu has a blue cabochon on the crown as an accent, making it a more sophisticated design in my opinion.

      Let's take a look at the dial variations

      This is true for all watches, but generally speaking, as the case size increases, the options for decoration also increase, so the dial design varies depending on the size.

      The left side is SM size and the right side is MM size.

      Cartier watch Ballon Bleu SM and MM size comparison

      It's hard to tell from this distance what the difference is, so let's get a little closer and take a closer look.

      Now take a look at this image.

      Cartier watch Ballon Bleu dial enlarged (guilloche engraving)

      Take a good look at the center.

      You will see a wavy pattern going from the center outwards.

      This is called guilloche engraving, which refers to the grid pattern (in this case it is wavy) in the center of the watch dial, and is one of Cartier's specialties.

      Not only does it make the decoration look beautiful and give off a sense of luxury, but it also serves the purpose of preventing reflections on the dial and improving visibility.

      This guilloche engraving is basically only found in high-end lines, so Ballon Bleu is included in that.

      Now let's look at the dial from a different angle.

      Cartier Watches Ballon Bleu Dial Variations

      They only produce dials up to MM size, which is also included in the ladies' range, but they come in colors like pink and light blue, as shown here, and some even have diamonds set in the index area.

      The pink dial is cute, but the guilloche engraving in the center gives it an elegant finish.

      I thought for a moment that the light blue color might be aimed at men, but it's probably aimed at women as well.

      This is because men are not particularly attracted to light blue dials.

      However, from a woman's perspective, it has a cute charm that is different from white.

      This model has diamonds on the index, except for the 12 o'clock position which has Roman numerals and the rest of the index is made of diamonds.

      Diamonds on the bezel are beautiful, but it looks even more stylish when diamonds are subtly placed on the index like this.

      What is the difference between Ballon Bleu and Ballon Blanc?

      Variations of the current Ballon Blanc

      " BALLON BLANC " is a spin-off of "Ballon Bleu" and is made especially for women.

      This model is lavishly decorated with diamonds on the case and dial.

      Like the Ballon Bleu, it features a rounded case design, but the big difference is that the crown is at the 4 o'clock position and is a diamond-shaped crown.

      With smaller proportions, The sophisticated design gives off an overall glamorous and luxurious impression.

      Taking these differences into account, the Ballon Bleu is a model suitable for those who prefer a classic and sophisticated design, while the Ballon Blanc is a model suitable for those who want a more glamorous and luxurious design.

      The case is available in stainless steel and pink gold versions, and the higher-end line has diamonds set on the bezel of both versions.

      Now let's look at the size.

      Each is available in three designs and two sizes, SM and MM.

      The SM size is 26mm and the MM size is 30mm.

      Even though it's called MM, the case diameter is 30mm and the movement is only available in quartz, so it's clear that it's a model exclusively for ladies.

      Both the Ballon Bleu and the Ballon Blanc are magnificent watches that showcase Cartier's watchmaking technique and style.


      Although it is a relatively new model for Cartier, released in 2007, it has quickly become popular and one of Cartier's signature models, as it is worn by both men and women and is well-received for its unique character and comfort when worn.

      In both the luxury watch and jewelry models, the Ballon Bleu has breathed new life into Cartier, demonstrating that the brand is still innovating.

      The Ballon Blanc, which was derived from this, has a diamond crown, which goes against the conventional wisdom of watches.

      All of this is made possible by Cartier's tradition and design, and I believe that Cartier's creations, which are always on the cutting edge, have a timeless beauty to them, no matter how much time has passed.